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Gym Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Tone Rat

A play on "gymrat." This easy-to-remember name will attract the attention of regular gymgoers.

2. Go Gym

This name will be appealing to those who enjoy fast-paced workouts, like cardio or aerobics.

3. Crossfitship

A catchy name and a play on "CrossFit" and "Championship".

4. Crossfit Lounge

A solid, easy-to-remember name for a gym focused on the CrossFit lifestyle.

5. Crossfit Jungle

"Jungle" could suggest a smorgasbord of exercises, facilities, and services offered here.

6. Studio Everyday

"Studio" tells potential clients they can expect a private gym with one or two exercise types.

7. Onsitexercise

A great name for a big box gym, where a wide variety of exercises are offered at one location.

8. Go Routine

"Go" indicates movement, and "routine" is what most gymgoers would usually adhere to.

9. Gym Studio

A good name for a gym business that sells equipment to build personal home studios.

10. Jungle Routine

A good name for a gym where people can enjoy intense or challenging workouts regularly.

More Gym Business Name Ideas:

Badass Gym Names:

  • The Body Factory.
  • Tone Me Up.
  • Hercules Studio.
  • Muscle Master.
  • Norris Gym.

Bodybuilding Gym Names:

  • The Body Builders.
  • Pure Brawn.
  • The Muscle Forge.
  • Strength Studio.
  • The Body Works.

Female Gym Names:

  • Gemma's Gym.
  • Fit Femme.
  • Love Your Body.
  • Athena Gym.
  • Valkyrie Studio.

Funny Home Gym Names:

  • Mister Muscle.
  • Fitness Freaks.
  • Hulk Out.
  • Iso Strong.
  • Fit House.

Good Gym Names:

  • Tone Technique.
  • Hyper CrossFit.
  • IsoShape.
  • Pyramid Gym.
  • Workout Whiz.

Cool Gym Names:

  • Gym Junkies.
  • Mind Your Body.
  • Hunkify.
  • Tabata Time.
  • Commando Gym.

Best Gym Names:

  • Calisthenic Crew.
  • Gym Guru.
  • Crazy CrossFit.
  • Beastial Gym.
  • Cardio Studio.

Unique Boxing Gym Names:

  • Balboa's Studio.
  • KickFit.
  • CardioBox.
  • FitBoxing.
  • Boxplosion.


How do I name my gym business?

  1. Brainstorm name ideas and keywords that best describe your brand and feed them to a business name generator.
  2. Look at similar gym businesses and complete competitor analyses, focusing on the names.
  3. Make a list of possible names and set the list aside.
  4. Conduct further industry research.
  5. Revisit the list and select the most memorable name.
  6. Check name availability.

What are some good real-life gym business names?

  • Virgin Active.
  • Brooklyn Zoo.
  • Third Space.
  • Swerve Fitness.
  • Iron + Love.
  • Rush.
  • Zone Fitness.
  • Equinox.

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