Hiking Business Name Ideas:


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1. Serenity Trails

This name conjures images of tranquil natural scenery, alluding to your business's peaceful hiking tours meant for those wanting to connect with nature. The name has a strong, professional sound to it that lets clients know exactly what your business is about.

2. The Trek Trip

An alliterative name that packs a punch. "Trek" refers to a journey, which hints that your business's trails are for hikers in search of overnight hiking trips. It could also be suggestive of an online hiking app that maps out different trails.

3. Roamin' Around

This playful name is a fun way to let hikers know that your business's hikes are more exploratory than physical, focusing on the trail's surroundings rather than covering a wide distance. It's a good choice for a hiking tour company with unparalleled mountain, ocean, or river views.

4. Hike & Bike

If your business combines hiking with mountain biking excursions, this alliterative name will help convey your brand. It has a singsong sound that is catchy and easy to remember, while the ampersand gives the name a hint of sophistication.

5. The Green Climb

A powerful name that evokes images of hiking trails with challenging climbs and beautiful green scenery. It's an ideal fit for an adventure company that offers adrenaline junkies the chance to test their endurance and mountain climbing skills.

6. Treasure Highland

This charming name is a play on the name of an adventure novel, "Treasure Island." It implies that your hiking trails are situated in mountainous regions with lots of great natural treasures to see and experience.

7. Boots 'n' Boulders

This original name suggests that your business caters to expert hikers that enjoy tough trails with obstacles, such as boulders, to overcome. The word "boots" gives the name versatility and will suit a brand that sells hiking gear.

8. WanderLust

A creative name that refers to a strong desire to travel. It has a dynamic sound that's sure to call adventurers to action. Perfect for a hiking app that offers information on different trails.

9. North Star Trails

This name references Polaris, a star used during navigation to determine North. It's a superb choice for a hiking business that offers night hikes. The word "star" also alludes to your business's first-rate services.

10. Pathfinders

Pathfinders are those who scout ahead and discover paths unknown to others. It's a unique way to convey your hiking business's innovation and ability to find new trails. It's ideal for a hiking tour company.

Outdoor Business Names

Exciting and versatile name ideas for an outdoor business.

More Hiking Business Name Ideas:

Good Hiking Business Names:

  • Climbers Quest.
  • Trekking the Canyon.
  • Snow Pro Tours.
  • Trekking on Ice.
  • The Trail Warriors.

Creative Hiking Business Names:

  • Climb on This.
  • Hiker's Haven.
  • Solo Peak Adventures.
  • Hikersville.
  • The Climber's Route.

Adventurous Hiking Business Names:

  • Elite Climber.
  • Climbing Angels.
  • Adventurers Ave.
  • Dazzling Treks.
  • Trampersville.


How do I come up with a catchy hiking business name?

  1. Consider your business's hiking services and target market.
  2. Research existing hiking business names for inspiration.
  3. Use a business name generator to produce unique name ideas.
  4. Make a list of your favorite ones and show them to friends and family for feedback.
  5. Secure the name that will best represent your business.

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