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Picnic Business Name Ideas:


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1. Polka Dot Picnics

A cute name that suggests your picnic business uses fun colors and patterns to create a memorable outdoor feast.

2. Spread The Love

A picnic can also be referred to as "a spread," which makes this name ideal for a business that specializes in romance-themed picnics.

3. Baskets & Blankets

When combining the necessities of a superb picnic in your business name, you'll let clients know exactly what they can expect from you.

4. Partners in Wine

A play on the saying "partners in crime," this creative name is sure to appeal to fans of vineyard picnics.

5. Gourmet Delights

The word "gourmet" is the perfect description of a picnic business that aims to deliver a luxury service with high-quality snacks and treats.

6. Festive Feasts

An original and alliterative name that suggests you're able to create picnic baskets for large gatherings.

7. Outside the Box Picnics

This inventive name is the supreme choice for a business that supplies outdoor venues and adventure companies with delicious, unusual picnic baskets.

8. Fête Champêtre

A sophisticated name that refers to a French garden party. It will suit a business that creates beautiful, Instagram-worthy picnic experiences.

9. Tater Tots Picnics

A bite-sized potato snack is a great reference to a picnic business that caters to children's parties.

10. Baking Me Crazy

Catchy and clever, this is the ultimate name for a picnic business that adds tasty baked goods to their baskets.

Charcuterie Business Names

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More Picnic Business Name Ideas:

Best Picnic Business Names:

  • Sunrise Alfresco.
  • Ivy's Garden Picnics.
  • Country Squared Outings.
  • The Rainbow Feast.
  • Pine&Apple Adventures.

Catchy Picnic Company Names:

  • The Sunburst Lunch.
  • Forest Friends Picnic.
  • Corkscrew Platters.
  • Wildflower Tastees.
  • Prairie Paradise.

Cute Picnic Company Names:

  • Taste Of Spring.
  • Grandma's Basket.
  • JollyJam Picnics.
  • Peach2Plum.
  • Scenic Snacks.

Boho Picnic Business Names:

  • Harvest Moon Outings.
  • Grassland Delights.
  • The Firefly Garden.
  • Neat 'n Sweet Baskets.
  • The Halo Spread.

Luxury Picnic Business Names:

  • Fire Fêtes.
  • Luxe Day Feasts.
  • Hollywood Spreads.
  • Breeze & Baskets.
  • Sip o' Delight.

Good Picnic Company Names:

  • My Gourmet Picnic.
  • Taste Maison.
  • DIY Baskets.
  • Bread&Co Buffet.
  • Hearty Meals On Wheels.


Is there a picnic business name generator?

Yes, you can use NameSnack to create a unique name for your picnic business. Alternatively, see our list of picnic business name ideas for inspiration.

How do I name my picnic business?

  1. Jot down some keywords that describe your business's target audience, location, and products.
  2. Enter these keywords into a picnic business name generator.
  3. Select a few of your favorites and show them to your friends and family.
  4. Choose the name that received the best feedback.

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