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Handyman Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Special Handyman

Declare your services are special with this fun name idea that offers great slogan opportunities.

2. Skilled Tradesman

Using "Skilled" creates a sense of trust, while "Tradesman" has a professional sound to it that lets clients know exactly what your business is about.

3. My Handyman Project

This name gives an impression of familiarity and casualness, alluding to the idea of a friendly neighborhood handyman.

4. Odd Jobs Repairman

This catchy name tells clients exactly what services you offer and has a creative edge to it.

5. Dream Tool Team

The word "Dream" inspires a feeling of magic and will entice clients to try your services, while "Team" creates an air of friendliness and productivity.

6. The Quick Handywoman

Customers will definitely use your services with this name promising fast service delivery.

7. Fix-All Project

This unique name idea offers great slogan opportunities and encompasses the mission of your business: to fix all!

8. The Special Tweak

This tongue-in-cheek name is a fun way to help you stand out from the competition.

9. Her Hammer

The "H" alliteration makes this name sound memorable and charming, while the use of "Her" creates a sense of ownership and professionalism.

10. Quick Improvement

A memorable name idea that promises customers fast and efficient services. The word "Improvement" also alludes to renovation and restoration.

11. The Tool Technique

A catchy name idea that uses alliteration to create a fun, singsong quality. The word "Tool" implies variation and "Technique" sells your specialized handyman skills.

12. That's What She Fixed

This name plays on the popular retort "that's what she said", but uses "fixed" instead. Ideal for a female-owned repair business.

13. Super Size Handywork

"Super Size" has a powerful sound to it and lets customers know your handyman business can take on large-scale projects.

14. The Repairman Initiative

A professional name that exudes trustworthiness and integrity, reassuring clients that your work is of the utmost quality.

15. She-pair Services

This cool name plays on the word "repair" to ensure clients know you're a handywoman. The "S" alliteration is fun and creates a lasting impression.

16. Fitted to Fix

The word "Fitted" implies precision and quality, while "Fix" is a great indication of your services.

17. The Repair Ladies

This name is simple and to the point, offering a good variety of branding opportunities.

18. Iron & Wood

While not explicitly handyman-related, this contemporary name is ideal for a repair business that specializes in iron and wood handywork.

19. My Friendly Toolbox

A sweet name that exudes a feeling of trustworthiness. The word "Toolbox" is a good representation of your services without being too on the nose.

20. Pink Power Handywork

"Pink" is traditionally associated with femininity and denotes a sense of playfulness, which is offset by the professional and reliable sound of the word "Power."

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Handyman Business Name Ideas:

Christian Handyman Business Names:

  • Love & Faith Handyman.
  • Tecton Angel.
  • Noah's Wood Repairs.
  • The Bible Handyman.
  • Christian Home Tools.

Female Handyman Business Names:

  • New Age Handywoman.
  • Handy Girl Squad.
  • The Pink Saw.
  • Belle Repair & Renovate.
  • Lady ToolBox.

Funny Handyman Business Names:

  • Handyminions.
  • The Monkey's Hammer.
  • Give Me a Handyman.
  • The Local Tool Dude.
  • Handy Mandy's.

Professional Handyman Business Names:

  • The Handyman Station.
  • True Home Tools & Repair.
  • Handyman Pro Help.
  • Wear 'n' Tear Services.
  • The Handy Honey.

Catchy Handyman Business Names:

  • Handy One Guy.
  • Reliable Repair.
  • Handy Helpery.
  • The Help Pros.
  • Speedy Saw.

Unique Handyman Names:

  • Fast Fancy Fix.
  • Home Total Service.
  • The Tool Lifestyle.
  • Your Trusted Handywoman.
  • Repair Home Logic.

Cool Handyman Business Names:

  • The Guy's Department.
  • Handy's Help.
  • The Handyman Factor.
  • Hammer & Nail Squad.
  • The Smartman.

Good Handyman Business Names:

  • Team on Call.
  • Tools & Knowledge.
  • The Repair Guy.
  • Handyman Pro Group.
  • Hard Hat Home Co.

Clever Handyman Business Names:

  • Home & Fix.
  • One Haul Services.
  • Handy Tools.
  • The Handyman Agency.
  • Tool Set Up.

Interesting Handywoman Business Names:

  • Doll House Repairs.
  • Duchess Handywork.
  • Sassy Saws & Tools.
  • The Posh Handywoman.
  • Madame Handy.

Creative Handyman Service Names:

  • True Handy Service.
  • We All Need Tools.
  • My Handyman Guru.
  • Handyman Creations.
  • Masters of Iron.

Smart Handywoman Business Names:

  • The Uptown Handywoman.
  • Goddess Toolbox.
  • The Ladder Ladies.
  • Handywoman Help.
  • Blonde Ambition Repair Co.


How do I choose a name for my handyman business?

  1. Review your business plan and ideal customer profile and create a list of related keywords.
  2. Research the industry and add related keywords to your list.
  3. Combine your keywords or run them through NameSnack's business name generator.
  4. Check for domain and state availability on your favorite name ideas.
  5. Ask for feedback on your top choices.
  6. Secure the name.

Where can I find good names for a handyman business?

NameSnack uses advanced machine learning technology to generate hundreds of fun and catchy names for a handyman business.

What is a good name for a handyman company?

A good handyman company name should reflect the company's services, goals, or a relevant characteristic like a location or an ethical stance.

What are some real-life handyman business names?

  • The Handyman Company.
  • Mr. Handyman.
  • Right Hand Handyman, LLC.
  • Handyman Near U.
  • The Commercial Handyman.

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