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General Dentist Business Name Ideas:


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1. Doctor Smile

A lovely, snappy name that highlights the nature of your work. Perfect for a friendly dentist.

2. The Dental Experts

Conveys meaning while indicating that the clinicians are highly trained and experienced individuals.

3. Little Giggles Clinic

Super cute! Ideal for a general dentist that often sees little kids.

4. Pinnacle Dentistry

For a business that's a cut above other dental practices.

5. The Dental Institute

Sounds professional. Could even work if the business evolves to become a multidisciplinary team.

6. Recreate Your Smile

Reads like an invitation. Highlights the work and care that goes into dental treatments.

7. The Gentle Dentist

Sounds similar to "the general dentist." Evokes a sense of trust and calmness.

8. The Oral Health Clinic

Informative. Leaves room for the business to expand to include specialized dental services.

9. Dentistry For You

A personalized name that would work well for a patient-centered business.

10. Toothy Smiles

Synonymous with big, bright smiles — precisely what your clients will be leaving with.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

Dental Clinic Business Names

Credible-sounding name ideas for your dental clinic.

More General Dentist Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Dental Clinic Names:

  • Oasis Dental Suite.
  • A+ Dental Phoenix.
  • A Dental Affair.
  • Smile Stylish Dental.
  • My Lovable Dentist.

Cool General Dental Company Names:

  • Oral Health Dentistry.
  • DentalWorks Centers.
  • Smile Prime Dental.
  • The Star Smiles.
  • Precise Dental Arts.

Memorable Dental Company Names:

  • Towne Mall Dental.
  • Healing Smile Dental.
  • A Denture Clinic.
  • The Dentistry Group.
  • Serenity Smiles.

Funny Dental Office Names:

  • A Date With Dentures.
  • Laughing Gas Dental.
  • Say Ah! Dentistry.
  • Fill the Hole Dental Clinic.
  • Pearly Whites Dental Care.


How do I choose a general dentist business name?

  1. Gather your general dentist business name options.
  2. Pick your favorite ones, paying close attention to how easy they are to spell and pronounce, and the messages they might convey.
  3. Show likely clients and dependable loved ones your top picks and request their honest input.
  4. Use your insights to condense your list of options even more.
  5. Wait a bit to discover what grows on you.

What are some existing dental business names?

  • All Smiles General Dentistry.
  • Relax and Smile Dental Care.
  • Ultra Smile Dentistry.
  • Skyline Dental Care.
  • iSmile Dental Care.

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