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Filipino Restaurant Business Name Ideas:


Business Names


1. River Balut

With reference to the infamous duck embryo delicacy, "River Balut" is bound to draw curious diners.

2. Oxtail Blue Restaurant

"Oxtail" is a staple in Filipino cuisine. The name suggests a classy restaurant.

3. Bagoong Sea Adventure

A Filipino food restaurant name with a hint of drama. May attract those with a daring palate.

4. River Halo

This name sounds angelic, but "halo" is also a reference to the famous Filipino dessert.

5. Raw Kinilaw

Fun and descriptive, this name is indicative of the Filipino seafood dish that's eaten raw.

6. Karagatan House Eatery

"Karagatan" means "ocean." A good name for a seaside eatery that focuses on Filipino seafood dishes.

7. Pig Patis

What could be more appetizing than pigs and fish sauce? Will definitely draw adventurous eaters.

8. Live Buko

"Buko" is a reference to the Filipino coconut pie. A great name for a restaurant with live music.

9. Coconut Lake

Powerful & peaceful. This is the spot to be for a relaxed evening and a good meal.

10. Filipino Shack

Understated & timeless. Suitable for an eatery known for its delicious food and laid-back vibe.

Vietnamese Restaurant Business Names

Enticing names for a Vietnamese restaurant.

More Filipino Restaurant Business Name Ideas:

Unique Filipino Restaurant Business Names:

  • Rainy Tates.
  • Tropical Bites.
  • The Tapa Chef.
  • The Pinoy Chow.
  • Chicha Hut.

Cool Filipino Restaurant Business Names:

  • Sala Fiesta.
  • The Royal Filipino.
  • Pinoy One.
  • Tropical Best.
  • Filipino Feast.

Memorable Filipino Restaurant Names:

  • Adobo & More.
  • King of Adobo.
  • My Filipino Cafe.
  • Tinola Stop.
  • Filipino Passion.

Inventive Filipino Restaurant Names:

  • Oh My Filipino.
  • Rice n' Things.
  • Cafe Mabuhay.
  • Pata Love.
  • Let's Pancit.

Authentic Filipino Restaurant Names :

  • Palawan Cafe.
  • Mochi Palace.
  • Pinoy's Flavor.
  • Tasty Adobo.
  • Sarsa Food Corner.

Great Filipino Restaurant Names:

  • Filipino Food Court.
  • House of Filipino.
  • Pinoy Buffet.
  • Filipino Gourmet.
  • The Filipino Garden.


How do you name a Filipino restaurant?

  1. Consider the types of Filipino meals you'll serve and whether you'll have a signature dish.
  2. Analyze the names of existing Filipino restaurants and eateries.
  3. Make a list of keywords and combine them to form Filipino restaurant names.
  4. Run some keywords through a business name generator.
  5. Share your top names with others.
  6. Register your best name.

What are some existing names of Filipino restaurants?

  • Neri's Casual Filipino Dining.
  • Big Boi Filipino.
  • Bahay Kubo Restaurant.
  • Tatang.
  • Jollibee.

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