Indonesian Restaurant Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1.Bakso Hut

"Bakso" is an Indonesian meatball; a great name for a place where this is the signature dish.

2.Padang Uduk

Descriptive. "Padang" is a popular Indonesian cuisine. "Uduk" translates to "sit down."

3.Eatery Goat

"Goat" is a popular meat used in Indonesian cuisine. Think fried goat and goat curries.

4.Coco Ayam

Exotic. Picture authentic Indonesian curries with coconut milk and fresh coconut water on top. Yum!

5.Goreng Nasi Restaurant

"Nasi goreng" is fried rice, an Indonesian staple. May attract customers in search of hearty meals.

6.Ayam Island

Memorable, catchy, and fun to say out loud. Works great for relaxed eatery that has an island vibe.

7.Satay Pepes

"Stay" suggests tender, delectable meats on skewers. A great name for a restaurant or take-out spot.

8.Bandung Hut

Named after the Indonesian city, this is a great place to find dishes popular in "Bandung."

9.Ayam Noodle

Descriptive & memorable. Chicken or noodles? Can't decide? Come here to enjoy both!

10.Nasi Island

A versatile name for any Indonesian restaurant that has rice on the menu — so all of them!

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What are some unique business names for Indonesian restaurants?

  • Bakso Hut.
  • Padang Uduk.
  • Eatery Goat.
  • Coco Ayam.
  • Goreng Nasi Restaurant.

What are some cool business names for Indonesian restaurants?

  • Ayam Island.
  • Satay Pepes.
  • Bandung Hut.
  • Ayam Noodle.
  • Nasi Island.

What are some memorable names for Indonesian restaurants?

  • Padang Uduk.
  • Eatery Goat.
  • Ayam Island.
  • Bandung Hut.
  • Satay Pepes.

How do I pick a name for my Indonesian restaurant?

  • Consider the ingredients you'll use to prepare your Indonesian dishes, as well as your target market.
  • Look at the names of existing Indonesian eateries.
  • Make a list of keywords and combine them to form Indonesian restaurant names.
  • Feed some keywords through NameSnack.
  • Share your top names with potential clients.
  • Register your best name.

What are some names of existing Indonesian restaurants?

  • Island Malaysian Cuisine.
  • Java.
  • Awang.
  • Wayan.
  • Sky Cafe.

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