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Female Empowerment Business Name Ideas:


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1. Flawless Force

A strong and memorable name that celebrates female strength and beauty. Perfect for a makeup brand.

2. The Ravaged Rose

An interesting name that hints at the idea that damaged things can still be beautiful, or that beauty can be created through trauma. Wonderful for an inclusive fitness company.

3. Climbing Venus

This name is a somewhat cheeky reference to the goddess of beauty and love. Ideal for a lingerie retailer or an extreme sports brand.

4. Soul of the Huntress

A powerful name that will surely pique your audience's interest. Great for a business that sells products aimed at strong, independent women.

5. Bolting Beauty

An unforgettable name for a company specializing in women's sneakers that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

6. Cloak 'n' Blade

An eye-catching name with hints of high fantasy. A great choice for a woman-owned LARping adventure company.

7. Touch of the Tigress

Sultry and soulful, this is the perfect name for a company that sells intimate apparel for women.

8. The God of Glitter

A fun name that hints at both playfulness and power. A great choice for a makeup brand that focuses on cosmetics for young adults.

9. Leopard Skin Studio

Think untamed beauty and feline grace. A fitting choice for a luxury yoga brand or a modern dance studio.

10. Midnight Courage

Versatile and bold, this name can be adapted to a range of brands or companies that empower women.

11. Iron Glory Boutique

A powerful name that's both memorable and unique. "Iron" carries connotations of strength and fortitude, while "glory" hints at honor and achievement. This works well as a name of an athleisure company or a purveyor of wellness products for athletes.

12. Truly Brave Hunters

An obvious choice for a shooting range or a hunting lodge aimed at women, but the name also works surprisingly well for a women's self-defense class.

13. Savage Flirt

A name that's likely to resonate with a younger audience who are regular users of the term "savage." A solid business name for a perfume, clothing, or accessories brand aimed at free-spirited women.

14. Lavender Phoenix

Imagine the ancient mythical bird, but with a fabulous lavender twist. "Phoenix" carries connotations of rebirth and immortality, while "lavender" has natural undertones. A great choice for a company that produces premium organic beauty products that improve your quality of life.

15. Unbound Courage

A powerful name for a brand that believes in the emancipation of women. A deeply evocative choice for a brand that gives back to the community by helping women rebuild their lives after experiencing trauma.

16. Daring Starlight

A name with distinct romantic undertones. "Starlight" sounds a bit like starlet, making this a suitable option for a theatre school or summer program where young girls (and boys) can learn to perfect their craft.

17. The Steel Unicorn

A name that's bound to attract fierce and fabulous females. Great for a brand that creates beautiful steel jewelry or for a company that makes bespoke furniture from steel.

18. Foxxy Feathers

A catchy and fun name for women who aren't afraid to experiment with fashion. "Feathers" hints at a clothing brand, but it could also work for a gift store, accessory shop, or a manufacturer of feather pillows.

19. A Courageous Heart

A powerful name that hints at a heart that's been through pain but come out stronger on the other side. A matchmaking service with this name will certainly get people talking, but it also works well for a jewelry, clothing, or bath & body company.

20. Barefoot Feathers

"Barefoot" hints at freedom, vulnerability, and grace, while "feathers" may be a reference to boho accessories or decorative pieces. A strong choice for a brand that creates beautiful jewelry and clothing to dazzle festive goers both young and old.

Feminine Business Names

Pretty name suggestions for your feminine business.

More Female Empowerment Business Name Ideas:

Cool Female Empowerment Business Names:

  • Flaming Feathers.
  • Dress 2 Impress.
  • Miss Rose.
  • Golden Goddesses
  • Beauty Beyond.

Good Female Empowerment Business Names:

  • Better Bloom.
  • Go Girly.
  • Divine Power.
  • Classy Queen.
  • Honey's Pearl.

Unique Female Empowerment Business Names:

  • Vivid Women.
  • Fierce Sisters.
  • Bold Ladies.
  • Eternal Diva.
  • Wild Violet.

Catchy Female Empowerment Business Names:

  • Phoenix Soul.
  • Red Lotus.
  • Eve's Heart.
  • Wise Bloom.
  • The Iron Tiara.


Where can I find some female empowerment business name ideas?

  1. Brainstorm some potential names.
  2. Think about words and concepts related to your business, target audience and mission statement.
  3. Try combining words or use a business name generator.
  4. Review and reflect on your list.
  5. Gain feedback.
  6. Check name availability.
  7. Secure the name.

What are some well-known female empowerment business names?

  • Girlfriend Collective.
  • GoldieBlox.
  • 37 Angels.
  • Ladies Who Launch.
  • Missguided.

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