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Esthetician Business Name Ideas:


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1.Dream Cleanse

Great for an esthetician that specializes in organic treatments that detoxify the skin.

2.Creamy Boutique

Suggests luxury. Clients in search of flawless, "creamy" skin may be drawn to this boutique.


"Bellus" means "fine" or "excellent." A great name for a high-quality esthetician business.

4.The Fair Mistress

A fun and feminine name. Women who want to feel attractive or desirable may elicit these services.

5.Sparkle Glow

Suggestive of the kind of beauty that makes one shine. Great slogan and logo possibilities.

6.Nude Grace

This name may attract those in search of natural beauty. Suitable for mature clients, too.

7.Sexy Surface

Memorable and fun. This could work for an esthetician business aimed at a young, trendy audience.


Great for estheticians skilled in a range of treatments, like skin treatments, hair removal, etc.

9.Supple Art

"Supple" has connotations of youthfulness. "Art" implies care and thought go into each treatment.

10.Naked Shine

"Naked" could refer to the skin or organic, chemical-free, and sustainably sourced beauty products.

11.The Pretty Love

A cute and unique name. Well-suited to estheticians who favor gentler, non-invasive treatments.

12.Magically Silky

Suggestive of smooth, healthy, skin, and hair. May attract those in need of skincare/hair removal.

13.Gorgeous Young

Great for an esthetician specializing in skin rejuvenation. May attract young and/or mature clients.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

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What are some unique esthetician business name ideas?

  • Dream Cleanse.
  • BelluSkincare.
  • Creamy Boutique.
  • The Fair Mistress.

How do I pick a my esthetician name?

  • Do some industry research and consider the type of clientele you want to provide services for, as well as your location and treatment specializations.
  • Make a list of keywords and use them to form name ideas.
  • Enter some of your keywords into a business name generator to come up with some esthetician name ideas.
  • Share your top names with friends.
  • Pick the best name.

What are some cool esthetician spa names?

  • Beauty Rejuvenate.
  • Supple Confidence.
  • Master Derma.
  • Salon Derma.

What are some catchy names for esthetician businesses?

  • Charm Rejuvenate.
  • Confidence Dream.
  • Skincare Dream.
  • Derma Bellus.

What are some creative esthetician salon names?

  • Nude Grace.
  • Sparkle Glow.
  • WellnesShine.
  • Supple Art.

What are some cute esthetician names?

  • The Honey Mist.
  • Creamy Luxe.
  • My Soothing Flower.
  • Gently Nourish.

What are some great esthetician names for businesses?

  • Cystic Therapy.
  • Reduction Procedure.
  • The Therapy Care.
  • Responsive Relief.

What are some good names for esthetician businesses or esthetician companies?

  • BelluSkincare.
  • Naked Shine.
  • Supple Art.
  • Magically Silky.

What are good esthetician company names?

  • Dream Cleanse.
  • BelluSkincare.
  • Creamy Boutique.
  • The Therapy Care.
  • Skincare Dream.
  • WellnesShine.

What are some esthetician salon name ideas?

  • The Therapy Care.
  • Skincare Dream.
  • BelluSkincare.
  • WellnesShine.
  • Beauty Rejuvenate.

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