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dōTERRA Business Name Ideas:


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1. Match Essential

A descriptive name that suggests you sell essential oils that meet all needs.

2. Awesome Essence

This is a trendy and compelling name that will entice young-at-heart essential oil enthusiasts.

3. Around Essential

A name that hints at essential oil expertise and comprehensive offerings.

4. Meet Essential

This name will appeal to those interested in exploring the benefits of essential oils.

5. Revival Essence

A creative name that will appeal to those who favor a return to natural remedies.

6. Forever Beneficial

A name that hints at the eternal nature of the benefits that natural oils offer.

7. Action Essential

This compelling name alludes to a move toward favoring the use of natural essential oils.

8. Pledge Essential

This is a strong name that guarantees quality essential oils sourced from nature.

9. Advanced Essential

A descriptive business name that will appeal to natural oil experts and enthusiasts.

10. Full Essential

This is a straightforward name that alludes to a dedicated focus on natural essential oils.

More dōTERRA Business Name Ideas:

Unique dōTERRA Business Names:

  • The Lotus Bliss.
  • The Vital Oil Cafe.
  • Scented By Nature.
  • Enerie Fragrances.
  • BloomingEssences.

Funny dōTERRA Business Names:

  • Oiluminati.
  • Dead Scenter.
  • Botanical Romance.
  • Aromaggedon.
  • Fragrant Vagrant.


What names can I use for my dōTERRA business?

Except for dōTERRA Replicated Websites or dōTERRA-approved certified websites, the name "dōTERRA" may not be used in names or marketing materials. See our collection of dōTERRA business names for ideas or use our business name generator to create your own.

What makes a great dōTERRA business name?

A great dōTERRA business name draws attention to your products in a unique way. Names may attract essential oil enthusiasts by hinting at wellness, mentioning enticing fragrances, creating mood associations, or creatively combining business keywords. Great dōTERRA business names are descriptive and memorable.

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