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Dormitory Housing Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Fair Athena

With Athena being the Greek goddess of wisdom, this name idea gives a subtle nod to Greek row.

2. The Studious Nest

A cute name idea for dormitory housing that promotes education and study.

3. Peace Estate

Help students find peace from the hardships of student life with this cool name idea.

4. Academic Deck

This creative name idea would suit dormitory housing for a naval school.

5. The Study Den

Invoke images of a cozy, quiet, and private space with this inviting name idea.

6. Academic Rise

Encourage students to make the most of their education and opportunities with this great name.

7. The College Spot

A trendy name idea that invites relaxation, conversation, and fun hangouts.

8. Freedom Hall

This great name idea has a variety of interpretations for creative slogan design opportunities!

9. The Study Hamlet

Invoke images of a peaceful little village with this catchy name idea.

10. The Student Base

Offer students a base of operations with this cool name idea for dormitory housing.

Education Business Names

Find the perfect name for your educational service and get more students to sign up.

Dormitory Housing Name Ideas:

Good Dormitory Housing Names:

  • The Dorm Finder.
  • Bunkhouse.
  • Hello, Dorm.
  • Xtreme Residence.
  • The Academic House.

Clever Dormitory Housing Names:

  • Dormitory 360.
  • RentalRes.
  • The Dormitive.
  • Greek Creek.
  • The College Annex.

Catchy Dormitory Housing Names:

  • My Campus Cottages.
  • Cozy Campus.
  • Alpha Annex.
  • The Boys Block.
  • Student Studio.

Inventive Dormitory Names:

  • Moorax.
  • The Eden.
  • Greek Towers.
  • The Greenhill Rental.
  • Old Mill Suites.

Great Dormitory Housing Names:

  • Newtown Suites.
  • My Greek Room.
  • The Student Suites.
  • Red Rooms.
  • The Raven Residence.

Fantasy Dorm Names:

  • The Mage's.
  • Olympus Commons.
  • Maven Haven.
  • Spartan Hall.
  • The King's Door.

Funny Dorm Room Names:

  • Homesick Oasis.
  • The Temple.
  • Kerbside Inn.
  • The New Base.
  • Dorm Form.


How do I choose a dormitory housing name?

  1. Review your business plan and compile a list of keywords.
  2. Research the market and your competition and add related keywords to your list.
  3. Combine your keywords using a business name generator to get a list of names.
  4. Shortlist your favorite names and check their availability.
  5. Ask for feedback on your top available choices.
  6. Secure the domain name.

Is there a dorm name generator?

You can use NameSnack to generate dozens of dorm name ideas. Have a look at a few examples we created using NameSnack.

What are some existing dormitory housing names?

  • University Tower Apartments.
  • Self Residence Hall.
  • Eighth Street Apartments.
  • Haynie Hall.
  • University Village Peregrine Hall.

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