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Dance Studio Business Name Ideas:


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1. Classroom Beat

"Beat" refers to the music that will play in the studio and "Classroom," where groups are taught.

2. Miss Sway

A memorable name for a dance studio that offers classical dance classes.

3. Tango For All Dance Classes

This name welcomes dancers with any level of experience to join your class.

4. Contemporary Routine

"Contemporary" is a style of dance, and a "routine" is what dancers perform.

5. Mambo Spin

Adding "Spin" to "Mambo" gives this name character and brings it to life. Great for a dance studio.

6. The Pointe Program

"Pointe" is a term often used in dance, making this a good name for a dance studio.

7. My Dance Beat

"My" suggests that the studio will be a personal and regular place for clients.

8. Hip Hop Groove

A compelling name that identifies the type of dance taught or performed by the dance studio.

9. The Premiere School of Dance

"Premiere" makes this name sound elite and professional.

10. The Dance Design

"Design" makes this studio name sound sophisticated and as though art is curated there.

11. Latin Dance Act

A name that is clear and straightforward. Suggests a Latin dance performance group.

12. Routine Beat

"Routine" refers to a dance routine that clients will perfect in your studio.

13. My Barre Ballet Class

"My barre" will invite students to make your school their own through regular visits.

14. True Dancewear

A simple name that implies authenticity and quality. Aims to instill trust.

15. The Dance Theater

"Theater" makes this studio sound as though it presents art, making clients feel admired.

16. School of Flamenco

If your studio focuses on teaching flamenco, this name advertises that perfectly.

17. Tapped Jazz

A creatively playful name that suggests a jazz and tap dance performance group.

18. The Dance Studio

This name is simple and, therefore, easy to remember.

19. Back to Basics Dance Studio

This name suggests that your school teaches students the basics, inviting anyone to try your class.

20. Funk Moves

A name that conveys energy and spark. Suitable for a hip-hop dance crew or dance studio.

21. Music Spot

"Spot" makes this studio sound trendy and as though most people choose to dance here.

22. Totally Tapped Dance Studio

This is a playful name for a tap dancing studio.

23. Dance Prima

"Prima" means leading or first. Suitable for a prestigious dance school or professional dance group.

24. Workshop Glow

"Glow" suggests that clients will have a glow or experience euphoria at your studio.

25. The School of Latin Dance

If your studio teaches a variety of Latin dance styles, this name lets students know that clearly.

26. Twist Tap

An alliterative name that references the song and dance known as "The Twist" and tap dancing.

27. Workshop Beat

Studios routinely host workshops, and "beat" relates to the music that would be playing.

28. Envy of the Dancefloor

This name states a goal that many dance students or aspiring students have.

29. Club Moves

A fun name that suggests a modern or hip-hop dancing group. Sounds vibrant and contemporary.

30. The Contemporary Dance Studio

This name shows that your studio focuses on contemporary dance techniques.

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More Dance Studio Business Name Ideas:

One-Word Dance Studio Names:

  • Danstudio.
  • Danza!
  • Shimmy.
  • 2Tango.
  • Shufflez.

Christian Dance Studio Names:

  • Eve's Dancing Divas.
  • Harp Move.
  • Victory Dance.
  • Like A Prayer.
  • Messiah Studio.

Attractive Dance Studio Business Names:

  • Dance Studio 71.
  • Jungle Elementz.
  • Thrills in Motion.
  • Crazy Rhythm Bar.
  • Funktion Dance.

Great Dance Studio Business Names:

  • Sunsational Dance.
  • Dance Room 68.
  • Dance 2 Ink.
  • Ballet of Glory.
  • Royal Rhythm Studios.

Catchy Dance Studio Names:

  • Cobra Dance Studio.
  • Funk 'N' Dance.
  • Satellite Bounce.
  • Shuffle Style Studio.
  • Boomin' Studios.

Good Dance Studio Names:

  • Studio Act One.
  • Dancers on the Spot.
  • Perfume Dance Studio.
  • Theater of Jazz.
  • Dance Lab Kids.

Good Dance Page Names:

  • Xtension Moves.
  • Moverz Dancewear.
  • Dance with a Twist.
  • All Star Shake.
  • Tango Time.

Funny Dance Names:

  • Xtreme Funk.
  • Ballroom Rollz.
  • Move 'n' Shake.
  • Jive with Jazz.
  • The Hip Hop Shake.

Unique Dance YouTube Channel Names:

  • The Jive Lounge.
  • Crave the Hip Hop.
  • Jive on the Go.
  • Tap Dance Xtreme.
  • Jumpin' Jiggs.

Cool Dance Academy Names:

  • D-Move Dance Company.
  • Energize Dance Moves.
  • KDJ Dance.
  • Tango on 8th.
  • Dynamite Dance Party.

Creative Dance School Names:

  • Move, Funk!
  • Jive Twist.
  • Ballroom Jumpers.
  • The Dancing Jive.
  • Hopscotch Dance.

Catchy Dance Company Names:

  • Waltz at the Lake.
  • Xtant Movement.
  • Taps & Moves.
  • Nu-1 Motion.
  • Dreamz 2 Dance.

Great Dance Company Names:

  • Vibe Krewz.
  • Tiptop Dance.
  • Move Killa.
  • Move 'n' Bounce.
  • Dancing With Willow.

Classical Dance School Names:

  • Pirouette Night.
  • Waltz with Style.
  • Knot Dance Loft.
  • Foxtrot Lounge.
  • Blue Lagoon Ballroom.

Cool Dance School Business Names:

  • Ballroom Fusion.
  • Twirl and Rock.
  • Tango for Fun.
  • LUV Dance Room.
  • Sway Dance Loft.

Catchy Dance School Business Names:

  • Dance with Dolly.
  • Booty Bounce Lounge.
  • Twirl and Swoon.
  • Rock & Roll Fever.
  • The Twist Den.

Memorable Dance School Names:

  • Twirl Fever.
  • Xtreme Swing Studio.
  • Dancemania Lounge.
  • Waltz Vegas.
  • Diva Rhythmz.

Elegant Dance School Business Names:

  • The Twist Dancehall.
  • Vintage Swing Fever.
  • The Dance Fix.
  • Sparkling Starlight.
  • Nu-Danceplex.


How do I choose a dance studio business name?

  1. Write down keywords or name ideas.
  2. Find synonyms for your keywords.
  3. Use a business name generator to create unique names.
  4. Show these names to potential clients to see which they like.
  5. Ask friends and family for their opinions.
  6. Check to see if your potential names are already registered with the state.
  7. Secure your name.

What are some famous dance studio business names?

  • The Rock Center for Dance.
  • Broadway Dance Center.
  • Steps on Broadway.
  • Dance 101.
  • Salsa Lovers Dance Studio.

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