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Cinema Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Theater Shift

"Shift" suggests that this theater has taken a new approach in some way, making it unique.

2. Screen Literature

"Literature" shows that films are highly regarded at this cinema which will appeal to movie lovers.

3. Theater Type

Film and theater lovers are usually called this, so this name will draw in true cinemaphiles.

4. My Seat Cinema

"My seat" suggests that customers will enjoy the cinema enough to visit regularly.

5. Viewary

This made-up noun perfectly describes the cinema as a designated place to sit back and view films.

6. Screen Hollywood

For cinemas that only show Hollywood films, this name is simple and easy to remember.

7. Theater Storm

"Storm" suggests that there is an overwhelming selection of films at this cinema.

8. The Story Screen

Using "story" makes this cinema sound like a place to enjoy an escape from reality through film.

9. Ever Projector

This name is nostalgic of the classic cinema experience with the sound of a reel of film.

10. Feature Screen

The repetition of sound in this name makes it catchy and memorable.

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More Cinema Business Name Ideas:

Unique Cinema Business Names:

  • Visionary.
  • MagiCinema.
  • CinemArt.
  • Lumière Cinema.
  • Filmaholics.

Catchy Cinema Business Names:

  • Movie Mania.
  • Action!
  • Projector.
  • Cinemotion.
  • The Cult Movie House.

Amazing Cinema Business Names:

  • Vortex Cinema.
  • Spectrum Cinema.
  • Dionysus Drive.
  • Epic Cinema.
  • Scary Screen.

Cool Movie Theater Names:

  • The Movie Mecca.
  • Hollywood Temple.
  • ScreenRocker Theater.
  • Oasis Cinema.
  • Screamovie.

Good Movie Theater Names:

  • My Big Screen.
  • Monster Movies.
  • Dream Theater.
  • Vintage Films.
  • Movie Nights.

Great Cinema Names:

  • Movie Masters.
  • Dark Screen.
  • Gold Cinema.
  • The Zoetrope.
  • Oblivion.

Good Cinema Names:

  • NY Movie Club
  • Cinemovie.
  • Macabre Movies.
  • Seat's Edge.
  • Movieland.

Classic Cinema Names:

  • Silver Screen.
  • Paradise Cinema.
  • Salon Noir.
  • Auditorium.
  • Black Box.


How do I choose a cinema business name?

  1. Write down keywords or name ideas.
  2. Find synonyms for your keywords.
  3. Use a business name generator to come up with some cinema company names.
  4. Show these names to potential clients to see which they like.
  5. Ask friends and family for their opinions.
  6. Check to see if your potential names are already registered with the state.
  7. Check name availability.
  8. Secure the name.

Where can I find a movie theater name generator?

You can try NameSnack, a free tool that uses machine learning and domain technology to create a wide range of business name ideas from a few keywords. Check out our examples for inspiration.

What are some famous cinema names?

  • Artcraft Theatre.
  • Bleecker Street Cinema.
  • Booth Theater.
  • Cinema 21.
  • Cliff Theater.
  • Donk's Theatre.

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