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Cigar Business Name Ideas:


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1. Aroma Club

Imaginative and original. This name is ideal for a cigar business that's all about perfecting the aromas of its product. "Club" suggests that you cater to clients that like to gather at a smoking lounge for cognac and cigars.

2. The Don's Cigars

"Don" refers to a noble title for a Spanish gentleman and allows this name to exude authority and power. It sounds pleasing and refined—much like a good cigar should be.

3. Havana House Cigar Factory

Havana is the capital city of Cuba, which is known to produce extraordinary cigars. A superb name choice for a cigar manufacturer.

4. WildLights

A catchy and memorable name that references the lighting of a cigar. "Wild" implies that customers will have a fun time sampling your flavorful cigars.

5. Cedar Strength

Cedar is a notable flavor of many cigars and conjures images of nature and earth. "Strength" helps the name to stand out and is a fantastic choice for a brand that produces full-bodied cigars.

6. Slow Burn Stogies

A clever name that denotes the experience of savoring a great cigar. "Stogie" is an informal word for a cigar and is ideal for an easy-going business that doesn't take itself too seriously.

7. Flavor Leaf

This unique and trendy name hints that your cigars are made with high-quality tobacco leaves that are bursting with flavor.

8. Society Cigars

"Society" is a subtle nod to tobacco enthusiasts that frequent cigar bars. It's also a great name choice for a cigar supplier or importing business.

9. Blended Spice

The trick to making a good cigar is to get the balance of creamy and spicy notes just right. The idea is mirrored in this inventive name, which will assure customers that your cigars are well-balanced.

10. Tierra Cigarro Importers

Spanish for "earth cigar," this clever name is a nod to the earthy notes of premium cigars. A sublime choice for a business that imports Latin American tobacco or cigars.

Cigar Bar Business Names

Catchy name ideas for your cigar bar business.

More Cigar Business Name Ideas:

Good Cigar Shop Names:

  • Stoke Cigars.
  • MadCity Stogy.
  • Red Devil's Puff.
  • Taste of Tobacco.
  • SmokeoVibe.

Classy Cigar Business Names:

  • Villa Cigar Co.
  • Lucky Tobacco Lounge.
  • Club Spice Stogies.
  • Havana Aficionado.
  • Castle Cigar Factory.

Creative Cigar Bar Names:

  • Velvet Puffs.
  • LightOne Cigar Lounge.
  • The Tobacco Box.
  • Black Cherry Smoke.
  • High Country Cigar Bar.

Unique Cigar Business Names:

  • Joke 'n' Smoke.
  • Woody Stogies.
  • Barrel Tobacco.
  • Cedar's Edge.
  • Classic Vapors.

Memorable Cigar Business Names:

  • Clique Cigarillos.
  • Haven Cigars.
  • Royalty's Burn.
  • The FireBird.
  • Lil' Smoke Cigars.

Clever Cigar Shop Names:

  • Luna Fire.
  • The Golden Tobacconist.
  • Viva Leaf.
  • Pablo's Cheroot.
  • GrandeBurn.


Where can I find a cigar business name generator?

Try using NameSnack, a free tool that allows you to create a unique name for your cigar business. Once you've secured the perfect one, head over to Zarla to design an original logo to match your new business name.

What are some existing cigar business names?

  • Willy Cigars.
  • La Casa Grande.
  • Cuban Crafters.
  • Long Ash Cigars.
  • Casa De Palma Cigar Co.

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