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Christian Business Name Ideas:


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1.Anointed Seeds

For a children's ministry or a nonprofit that seeks to feed vulnerable populations.

2.Staying Your Path

A personalized name that could work for a Christian counseling business.

3.This is Soul Living

Sounds nourishing. For a business that helps clients lead purpose-driven lives.

4.Silent Gifting

Inspired by Matthew 6, verses 1–4, which instructs people to give without intentions of being seen.

5.My Brother's Shelter

For an organization that provides short or long-term accommodation to vulnerable individuals.

6.Honey and Leather

Based on John the Baptist's diet, as described in Matthew 3 verse 4.

7.Formed in Fire

For a blacksmith company or virtually any other businesses that produces items using fire.

8.Kindest Grace

A positive name that evokes feelings of acceptance and warmth.

9.Little Oasis Institute

For a therapy practice, rehabilitation center, or any business that offers safety and nourishment.

10.Meaning in the Storm

An evocative name that may prompt clients to think about their own experiences.

11.Anchored and Grateful

Synonymous with stability and contentment. Offers a ton of logo inspiration.

12.By Your Promises

An encouraging, multiuse name that reminds clients where their hope originates from.

13.Goodness in Abundance

Well-suited to a produce store, but could work for most businesses that promote healthy living.

14.A Grateful Hallelujah

A simple name that would suit a music store or a record label.

15.Unrelenting Spirit

Synonymous with consistency, strength, and determination.

16.Freely Reconciled

A reminder that God's grace cannot be earned or paid for.

17.Weary But Held

For a Christian center that aims to promote spiritual, mental, and/or physical healing.

18.Promises of Growth

An optimistic name that could work for a variety of businesses.

19.Affirmed by Grace

Comforting and encouraging. For a ministry or a book store.

20.Let Truth Rise

A strong name that foregrounds the business's purpose and values.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

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How can I come up with some Christian business names?

  1. Identify the scriptures that inspired you.
  2. Search for more scriptures that align with your business.
  3. Reflect on these, as well as keywords that spring to mind, through prayer, meditation, and discussions with trusted individuals.
  4. Combine your keywords. You can do so manually and by using a business name generator.
  5. Test your favorite names on others.

What makes a business name Christian?

Christian names are those that are inspired by Biblical scripture. They may include overt mentions of Biblical figures, stories, or teachings, or less obvious references to the Bible.

What are some examples of Christian company names?

  • Staying Your Path.
  • This is Soul Living.
  • My Brother's Shelter.
  • Honey and Leather.
  • Little Oasis Institute.
  • Meaning in the Storm.
  • Goodness in Abundance.
  • A Grateful Hallelujah.
  • Unrelenting Spirit.
  • Freely Reconciled.

What companies have Christian business names?

  • The Salvation Army.
  • Christianbook.
  • New Life Christian Bookstore.
  • Harvest Christian Bookstore.
  • Bibles for America.
  • Co-Aid.
  • Plant With Purpose.
  • Bread for the World.
  • Christian Care Ministry.
  • InFaith.

What are some Christian brand names?

  • Anointed Seeds.
  • Silent Gifting.
  • Formed in Fire.
  • Kindest Grace.
  • Anchored and Grateful.
  • By Your Promises.
  • Weary But Held.
  • Promises of Growth.
  • Affirmed by Grace.
  • Let Truth Rise.

What are some example of Christian names for a business?

  • Goodness in Abundance.
  • By Your Promises.
  • Weary But Held.
  • Silent Gifting.
  • A Grateful Hallelujah.

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Business Name Generator

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