Cat Hotel Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Purfect Suites

This is a witty name that alludes to comfort and style. The word "Suites" adds an exclusive feel. Cat owners will be enticed by images of their cats' every need being tended to in their absence.

2. Cats' Rest

This straightforward name will appeal to owners who cherish the thought of their cats enjoying a peaceful and happy break. It will suit a business that caters to limited guests at a time and implies a quiet environment.

3. Bespoke Cat Suites

This is a stylish name that will entice discerning cat owners who need their cats to be accommodated in luxury. It evokes images of cats being cared for according to their individual requirements and needs.

4. Mousers' Manor

A fun name that alludes to cats roaming freely in a more spacious setting. Great for a cat hotel that offers luxury units with windows, safe outdoor areas, toys, and perches.

5. Purfect Lodgings

A playful name that cleverly conjures images of cats residing in comfort when their owners cannot tend to their daily needs. The word "Purfect" will appeal to those wanting their cats to be happy despite their absence.

6. My Cat's Retreat

The word "Retreat" hints at a quiet, peaceful setting. The perfect match for a cat hotel that exclusively caters to cats that are prone to experiencing anxiety in noisy, crowded environments.

7. Cats in a Castle

A creative name that will appeal to many cat owners. The name alludes to spacious luxury accommodation for cats. Conjures images of dedicated staff who cater to cats' needs and general wellbeing.

8. Cats' Staycation

This is a name that hints at a homely atmosphere with cats receiving the care that they are accustomed to at home. The word "Staycation" suggests personal attention, preferred routines, and company.

9. Tabby's Palace

This witty name cleverly suggests much-loved house cats residing in palatial style and comfort while their owners are away. It will entice those who favor individualized care in a secure and cat-friendly setting.

10. Purfection Plaza Hotel

This name smacks of royal treatment for cats used to high standards of care, service, and luxury. It will be ideal for a cat hotel located in a city that caters to owners who regularly need to tend to business away from home.

Cat Cafe Business Names

Purrfect business name ideas for your cat cafe.

More Cat Hotel Business Name Ideas:

Creative Cat Hotel Business Names:

  • House of Kittens.
  • Nosed Lounge.
  • Feline’s Villa.
  • Sunset Suites.
  • Bubbles & Claws.

Funny Cat Hotel Business Names:

  • Feline Feliz.
  • Mustache Resort.
  • Kitty Petals.
  • Cat Royale.
  • Pawsitting Club.

Cool Cat Hotel Business Names:

  • Katoomba Hotel.
  • Tabby’s House.
  • Fluffy Home.
  • Happy Kitty’s Club.
  • Lovely Fluff.

Catchy Cat Hotel Names:

  • Feline Friend Inn.
  • Mister Mousey.
  • Catcat Inn.
  • Kitten Dreams.
  • Pawsome Palace.


How do choose a name for my cat hotel?

  1. Brainstorm and list terms associated with cat accommodation, care, and behavior.
  2. Consider the needs of the cat owners you'd want to target.
  3. Combine your keywords in original ways.
  4. Use a business name generator to create more name ideas.
  5. Share your favorite name ideas with cat owners for some feedback.
  6. Choose the most popular name and check its availability.
  7. Register your cat hotel's name.

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