Car Accessory Business Name Ideas:


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1. Auto Accessorize

Simple and to the point, this name clearly captures the nature of your business. "Auto" references automobiles of all kinds, while "Accessorize" has an active tense, adding energy to the name. The alliteration gives it a catchy appeal and makes it great for word-of-mouth referencing.

2. The Car Gadget Co.

This name has a charming rhythm to it and immediately grabs attention. "The" suggests that your business is the place to go for car accessory needs. "Gadget" is versatile and hints at a range of different and novel products. "Co." adds a level of authority and professionalism to the name.

3. Bells & Whistles Auto Accessories

Based on the popular phrase, "Bells & Whistles" refers to additional features and trimmings, making it a great choice for a car accessories business that specializes in high-end auto add-ons. The name is clear and professional, evoking a sense of luxury and quality.

4. Extra Auto

Short and punchy, this name is super memorable. "Extra" keeps this business name versatile as it encompasses a broad range of car accessories, making this a great option for a general car accessories business.

5. Automobile Innovations

Clear and strong, this name is professional and memorable. "Automobile" clearly conveys the nature of your business. "Innovations" is associated with creativity, intelligence, and technology, suggesting that your business offers cutting-edge car accessories.

6. Auto Gizmos

"Gizmos" is another word for "gadgets" and adds a charming character to this name while remaining clear and communicative. "Auto" references "automobiles" and keeps the name professional and versatile, balancing the quirkiness of "Gizmos."

7. Custom Car Accessories

Clear and direct, this name is professional and communicative, making it ideal for word-of-mouth advertising. "Custom" highlights your business's speciality in offering bespoke vehicle accessories and evokes a sense of care and customer support.

8. Add-On Auto

"Add-On" is a broad and versatile term, making it a great choice to encompass a wide range of car accessories. The name is super punchy with an appealing rhythm that makes it easy to remember and recommend to a friend.

9. Motor Accessories & More

"Motor" adds a tactile mechanical sense to this name that will resonate with car enthusiasts. The name is super clear and professional, conveying a sense of trustworthiness and expertise. "& More" adds an intriguing allure and suggests a wide range of products.

10. CARccessories

A super quirky name that is bursting with personality. By combining "CAR" and "Accessories," this name cleverly captures the nature of your business while remaining playful and fun — perfect for a company that offers quirky car gadgets.

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More Car Accessory Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Car Accessory Company Names:

  • Car Care Shop.
  • 4 Wheels.
  • Motor Universe.
  • Top Mechanics.
  • Best Vehicle Store.

Great Car Accessory Business Names:

  • Parts & Cars.
  • The Auto Part Club.
  • Karl Benz Supplies.
  • Need 4 Speed.
  • One Stop Auto.

Cool Car Accessory Business Names:

  • Go Gear Goods.
  • Sixth Machine.
  • Motor & Gear USA.
  • Drive Far Auto.
  • The Car Mart.


How can I come up with a name for my car accessories company?

  1. Consider the types of auto accessories that your business specializes in.
  2. Do some research to define your primary target market.
  3. Draw inspiration from the names of existing car accessory businesses.
  4. Write down a list of keywords that you would like to use in your business name.
  5. Use a business name generator to combine these keywords and produce a range of business name options.
  6. Pick your top five favorite names.
  7. Share your picks with family, friends, and potential clients and request their feedback.
  8. Choose the best name based on the feedback and secure it.

Is there a list of car accessory business name ideas?

Yes, you can peruse our list of car accessory business name ideas for inspiration, or use NameSnack to create your own.

What are some existing car accessory company names?

  • AutoAnything.
  • Ultimate Car & Truck Accessories.
  • Custom Auto and Accessories.
  • Vehicle Accessories.
  • Auto Accessories USA.

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