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British Pub Name Ideas:


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1.The Bald Bulldog

A playful, partially alliterative name that evokes humor and sympathy for the character in the name.

2.The King's Own

A throwback to colonial times, this name has a strong historical tone.

3.The Cow Corner

This name refers to a cricketing term and has strong ties with the pub's British theme.

4.The Royal Arms

A reference to past times, this name can be used effectively to give your pub a vintage feel.

5.The Thirsty Merchant

A playful name that speaks to your business's offerings and gives the business an old-time feel.

6.The Captain's Post

Has a strong and established air which produces a memorable effect.

7.Napoleon's Bane

A reference to the Napoleonic wars, a major part of British history, victory, and pride.

8.The Balderdash

A fun name for a business that wants to add a humorous element to their pub name.

9.The Highwayman's Rest

An ode to days of old when pubs were used by weary travelers and other unsavory people.

10.Foam and Froth

A descriptive name that alludes to one of the most sold items in British pubs.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

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Pub Business Names

10 keg-splitting names for your pub business.


How do I choose a British pub name?

When naming a British pub, it's worth mentioning that many businesses use colors, heraldry, animals, old professions, and historical events to give their establishments an authentic feel. Keep this in mind when choosing keywords and use our business name generator to help you find a name for your British pub.

What are some catchy British pub names?

  • The Thirsty Merchant.
  • The Royal Arms.
  • Foam and Froth.
  • The Bald Bulldog.
  • The Balderdash.

What are some actual historical British pub names?

  • The Greyhound.
  • Holly Bush.
  • Marquis of Granby.
  • The Bull's Head.
  • Ye Olde Man and Scythe.

What are some funny, real-life British pub names?

  • The Happy Taxpayer.
  • The Cat and Custard Pot.
  • The Nobody Inn.
  • The Drunken Duck.
  • The Bull and Spectacles.
  • The Red Lion.
  • The Royal Oak.
  • The Crown.
  • The White Hart.
  • The Plough.

What are some award-winning British pub names?

  • The Railway.
  • The Fitzherbert Arms.
  • The White Horse.
  • The Church Inn.
  • The Botanist.

What are some memorable British pub name ideas?

  • The Highwayman's Rest.
  • Napoleon's Bane.
  • The Captain's Post.
  • The King's Own.
  • The Cow Corner.

Where can I find an English pub name generator?

Try NameSnack — this AI-powered name generator will produce hundreds of business name suggestions in seconds from just a few inputted keywords.

What are some great British pub business names?

  • The King's Own.
  • The Royal Arms.
  • The Balderdash.
  • Foam and Froth.

What are some cool English pub names?

  • The Red Lion.
  • The Thirsty Merchant.
  • The Bald Bulldog.
  • The Plough.

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