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Body Butter Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Africa Aura

A memorable & descriptive name for a body butter brand that sources ingredients from Africa.

2. Warm Sheen

An inviting name that conjures images of smooth, glowing skin.

3. Suede Heart

An unusual name that makes you think of the smooth feel of suede.

4. Witch Glow

Striking. Suggestive of a body butter that produces magical, almost supernatural results.

5. Lush Fig

A minimalistic name that may be ideal for an upmarket body butter business.

6. Glory Sheen

"Glory" suggests great beauty or splendor. May attract clients seeking a luxury body butter brand.

7. Almond Luxe

"Almond" may indicate that almond oil is used in these products. Works well for a premium brand.

8. Warm Queen

Use this body butter & feel like a fabulous, benevolent queen. Also great for an eco-friendly brand.

9. Angel Lush

The perfect name for a heavenly body butter brand that experiments with unique fragrances.

10. Apricot Eve

This memorable name calls to mind relaxing evenings. Great for a brand that believes in self-care.

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More Body Butter Business Name Ideas:

Unique Shea Butter Business Names:

  • Sleek Sexy Shea.
  • The Body Appeal.
  • The Shea Shed.
  • The Silky Sheen.
  • Salon de Scents.

Catchy Body Butter Business Names:

  • Lavish Body Butter.
  • Milk You Sweet.
  • Soothing Glo.
  • Mellow Lavender.
  • Skin Envy.

Creative Body Butter Business Names:

  • Soothing Bella.
  • Lush & Sweet.
  • Glo Beauty Butter.
  • Simply Rich Skin.
  • Glitz & Salt.

Memorable Body Butter Company Names:

  • Serenity Scented.
  • Lavender and Peachy.
  • Heal Me Up Co.
  • Bare Divine.
  • Pure Silk Boutique.

Good Whipped Body Butter Names:

  • Whipped Glow.
  • The Skin Whip.
  • Whipped Clean.
  • Smooth Whip.
  • Whip It Body Butter.

Compelling Body Butter Business Names:

  • Butter Me Up!
  • Kollective Bodyworks.
  • Good Skin By Linda.
  • Body Butter Bliss.
  • Spa and Rose.


How do I choose a name for my body butter business?

  1. Find keywords by doing industry research, speaking to potential clients, and looking at existing names of body butter brands.
  2. Write your keywords down and use them to form name ideas for your business.
  3. Feed some keywords into a business name generator.
  4. Share your top names with friends and family.
  5. Based on feedback, choose the best name.

What is another word for body butter?

Body butter can also be referred to as body balm, body cream, or body lotion. Take a look at our list of body butter business names for ideas.

What are some real-life body butter brand names?

  • Tree Hut.
  • Cuccio Naturalé.
  • Bliss Naked Body Butter.
  • Yes to Carrots.
  • OZNaturals.

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