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Boat Repair Business Name Ideas:


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1. Repair Ship

A memorable name for a repair business that focuses on larger vessels like bulk carriers & tankers.

2. Adrift Repair

A unique name. May suggest that these repair services can steer "adrift" vessels back on course.

3. Sailing Repair

Solid name for a business that does sailboat repairs.

4. Seaworthy Repair

A descriptive name. Great for repair businesses that cater to vessels of different types & sizes.

5. Vessel Maintenance

The word "maintenance" may coax clients into coming here to have regular repair work done.

6. Seaworthy Renovation

"Renovation" is a step up from repairs. Perfect for a place that rebuilds and restores old vessels.

7. My Sailing Maintenance

"My" may suggest personalized service. Great for a luxury yacht repair business.

8. Vessel Restoration

A solid name for a repair business that does complete restorations of small boats and large vessels.

9. Ship Restoration

Great choice for a repair service specializing in restorations of large vessels like navel ships.

10. Peak Ship

"Peak" is a line on a sailboat. It could also refer to exceptional repair work and service.

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More Boat Repair Business Name Ideas:

Unique Boat Repair Shop Names:

  • The Marine Fix.
  • Sailor's Repair Shop.
  • Fix to Sail.
  • The Captain's Hand.
  • Serenity SeaCare.

Cool Boat Repair Shop Names:

  • Captain's Fast Fix.
  • Sunset Repairs.
  • Mr. Seafix.
  • SOSBoats.
  • Master Ship Repair.

Good Boat Detailing Business Names:

  • Ship Station.
  • Captain Safe.
  • Shipwright Detailing.
  • Seal Solutions.
  • Delta Detailing Center.


How do I go about choosing a name for my boat repair business?

  1. Consider your clientele, the types of boats you'll repair, and whether you will have a fixed location or travel out to repair clients' boats.
  2. Write down all the good names of established boat repair businesses.
  3. Make a list of keywords and use them to come up with possible names for your boat repair business.
  4. Test the best names on friends, family, and online forums.
  5. Select the best name and register it.

Where can I find some boat repair business name ideas?

You can take a look at our list of boat repair business name ideas for inspiration.

What are some existing names of boat repair businesses?

  • Watercraft.
  • Sunshine Boat Repair.
  • All Star Marine Specialists.
  • The Boat Clinic.
  • Touchless Boat Cover.
  • Liquid Planet Marine.
  • Boat Forensics.
  • Boat Tree Marina.

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