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Bakery Business Name Ideas:


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1. Café Confectionery

Repetition of the "C" makes this name memorable. "Café" implies there is seating space for clients.

2. Sans Gluten Goodies

This straightforward name is a superb descriptor of a bakery that makes a wide variety of tasty, gluten-free baked goodies, such as cakes, muffins, bread, bagels, and pastries.

3. Delicious Artisan

This name will appeal to customers who value both taste and aesthetics when it comes to food.

4. Sinless Sweets Bakery

"Sinless" refers to the health benefits of gluten-free foods and lets customers know that they can indulge in your sweet treats without guilt. A sublime name for a bakery that specializes in baked confectionaries.

5. My Café Bakery

"My" suggests personalized service in an intimate setting. Sounds like a neighborhood favorite.

6. Wheatless Treats

A striking name that feels professional yet playful. A fantastic choice for an organic bakery or gluten-free business that creates healthy and irresistible baked treats.

7. Artisan Smell

A creative name for a bakery that appeals to clients who appreciate handmade goods with high-quality ingredients.

8. Pie in the Sky

A clever play on words. This name suggests that you specialize in baking wholesome and delicious pies. At the same time, the name hints at the unobtainable, perhaps a baked good that your customers have only dreamed of finding.

9. Cupcake Storm

Reminiscent of "cooking up a storm." This suggests the bakery specializes in cupcakes.

10. In the Oven

Whatever you bake, this name will be suitable. It also is a fun wordplay on "A bun in the oven" that indicates the new life you are creating with your start-up business.

11. Café Deck

A great name for an open-air café. The slogan possibilities with this gem are endless.

12. Dope Desserts

With cannabis being legal in most states, the market for marijuana-infused baked goods is increasingly popular as it is easier to digest. Cookies and desserts containing cannabis are excellent for pain management in critically ill patients, making them sought-after products.

13. Delicious Bake

A simple name of a bakery that sells scrumptious treats.

14. Buttercup and Biscuits

Both buttercup cupcakes and biscuits are favorites amongst families. Therefore, the name will be appealing to both younger and older customers. The alliteration of the "B" and the familiarity of the keyword combination make the name easy to remember. It is also indicative of your products.

15. My Artisan Eatery

A suitable name for a bakery where clients can buy baked goods and also sit down for light meals.

16. The Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread is an acquired taste, but if you are skillful enough to make all types of gingerbread men and houses, then this name will pull in customers, especially around Christmas time. The name also references the popular folktale.

17. Bakery Shift

Bakers work "shifts" at a bakery. Could also suggest a contemporary bakery that shakes things up.

18. Wholesome Bakes

The word "wholesome" conveys a feeling of comfort and nourishment, which will suit a gluten-free bakery that focuses on making healthy baked treats.

19. Cupcake Café

A fun, catchy name for a café specializing in confectionery, where kids parties can be held.

20. The Upper Crust

If your bakery uses high-quality ingredients to create delectable baked goods, this creative name will get your brand's message across.

How to Name a Bakery

A nine-step process to naming a bakery.

More Bakery Business Name Ideas:

French Bakery Names:

  • Pâtisserie Saint-Luc.
  • La Meilleure Pâtisserie.
  • Mon Boulanger.
  • Petite Folie.
  • La Brioche d'Or.

Vegan Bakery Names:

  • Vegan Thyme.
  • Wholesome Herbivore.
  • Carob Cookies & Bites.
  • Eco Bakes.
  • Vegan Pâtisserie.

Modern Bakery Names:

  • Ready Bready.
  • SweetBake Café.
  • Baked 2 This.
  • Bread Up.
  • Twelve Ovens Bakery.

Funny Bakery Names:

  • The Crying Onion Bakery.
  • The Shady Unicorn.
  • My Flour Celler.
  • Kneed Knots.
  • The ButterFly.

Home Bakery Names:

  • Chez Bread.
  • Sweet Home Baking.
  • Maison Muffin.
  • Studio Bread.
  • A Slice of Bread.

Cute Baking Names:

  • Cakery Bakery.
  • Baked 2 Love.
  • Fluffy Risers.
  • Coco Corn.
  • Sweet Little Bakes.

Rustic Bakery Names:

  • Old Farm Ovens.
  • The Windmill Bakery.
  • My Bread Crust.
  • The Baker Farm.
  • Bun's Hen House.

Catchy Gluten-Free Bakery Names:

  • Love Me Gluten-Free.
  • The Pie & Pepper.
  • Butter & Bake.
  • The Baking Lane.
  • Gluten-Free Delight.

Southern Bakery Names:

  • Baking Mama.
  • Peach Pea Bake.
  • Uptown Baking Co.
  • The Fat Lady Cakes.
  • Sugar Cookie Co.

Aesthetic Bakery Names:

  • Bread & Charm.
  • Le Fourneau.
  • Golden Blush.
  • Oven Heaven.
  • Miettes & Crumbs.

Keto Bakery Names:

  • Sourdough.
  • Bunz Bread.
  • Mimi's Vegan Baking.
  • Keto Life Baking.
  • The Lemon Gourmand.

Vintage Bakery Names:

  • Rolling Bakery.
  • Bloom Cakes 'n' More.
  • Lemondrop Baking.
  • The Loafer.
  • Bakery Boudoir.

Christian Bakery Names:

  • Breads of Faith.
  • Gleem with Love.
  • Nourished Loaves.
  • Red MannaBake.
  • Baskets of Bread.

Good Artisan Bakery Names:

  • Rosy Breads.
  • Mugs o' Honey.
  • The Happy Pastry.
  • Love & Tarts.
  • Sweet Doughs.


How do I create a unique bakery name?

  1. Think of any interesting ingredients or baked goods you could incorporate into your business name.
  2. Conduct research to find out what kind of names bakeries use; make a note of those that resonate with you.
  3. Based on your research, come up with a list of possible names and feed them to a bakery business name generator.
  4. Test them out on others.
  5. Choose the most suitable name and register it.

Is there a bakery name generator?

You can use NameSnack to generate scores of unique bakery business name ideas.

What are some real-life bakery business names?

  • E5 Bakehouse.
  • Salty Tart.
  • Ben's Cookies.
  • Crumbs and Doilies.
  • Ole and Steen.
  • Bread Ahead Bakery.
  • The Hummingbird Bakery.
  • Brownie Box.

What should I name my baking business?

A great baking business name should capture the scope of your offerings while remaining true to your brand's voice. Start by considering your products' ingredients and the occasions for your baking as sources of inspiration. See our collection of bakery business names for ideas.

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