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Bagel Shop Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. York Bagel

"York" could be a reference to English bagels. The name is simple and memorable.

2. Top Bagel

A solid name that's a dream to market. "Top" suggests high-quality bagels and good service.

3. The Bagel Top

A clever play on words. Could refer to the top part of the bagel, as well as top quality bagels.

4. Bagelview

A great name for a bagel shop where customers can sit and enjoy the scenery while they eat.

5. True Toast

Catchy name. Bagels are often toasted. "True" suggests that the bagels are fresh and crispy.

6. Bagel Bake

The alliteration of "B" makes this name easy to remember. You'll love coming up with slogan ideas.

7. Bagelture

A play on "bagel" and "culture." Suggests an atmospheric cafe that takes their bagels seriously.

8. Lox Delicious

Sounds luxurious and high-end. "Lox" is a reference to cured salmon, a common topping on bagels.

9. Bagelpost

Good name for a shop that creates scrumptious, attractive bagels that are worth sharing.

10. Bagel Now

Suitable for a takeaway bagel shop known for its efficient service.

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More Bagel Shop Business Name Ideas:

Funny Bagel Business Names:

  • The Noisy Bagel.
  • The Bagelery.
  • Baby Bagel.
  • The Funny Bagel Shop.
  • Big Tuna Bagels.

Good Bagel Shop Names:

  • The Local Bagel.
  • The Village Bagel.
  • Sweet House Bagels.
  • Great Big Bagels.
  • The Friendly Bagel.

Cool Bagel Business Names:

  • Born to Be Bagel.
  • The Bagel Bar.
  • Baggy Bagels.
  • Baggel-Z.
  • Laughing Bagels.

Memorable Bagel Store Names:

  • The Bagel Buffet.
  • True Love Bagels.
  • A Bagel Story.
  • Crazy About Bagels.
  • Truely Bagels.

Catchy Bagel Company Names:

  • Krunch Bagels.
  • Baguette Bagel.
  • The Bagel Center.
  • That Guy's Bagel.
  • Kugel Bagel.


Where can I find a bagel shop name generator?

Try using a business name generator to find name ideas for your bagel shop. Just enter the category and keywords you want to include and look through the suggestions until you find the perfect name for your bagel shop.

How do I come up with a name for my bagel shop business?

  1. Consider which toppings and ingredients will be used in your bagels, as well as the other goods you will sell, like tea and coffee, for example.
  2. Look at similar bagel shops and analyze their names; find out which ones work and which don't.
  3. Make a list of possible names.
  4. Test the best names out on friends, family, and online forums.
  5. Check name availability.
  6. Narrow down the list and select the most suitable names.
  7. Secure the name.

What are some real-life names of bagel shop businesses?

  • The Bagel Broker.
  • Wholy Bagel.
  • The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.
  • Bundy's Bagels.
  • Bagelmasters.
  • The Bagel Factory.
  • Homewood Bagel Company.
  • The Bagel Shop.

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