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How to Do an Arkansas Business Search:

Before you can apply for a name reservation or file formation documents, you will need to ensure that your desired business name is available by performing business entity and trademark searches using the SOS's search tool online.


Conduct an Arkansas business search online.


Go to the Arkansas state website.

Go to the Arkansas state website.

The Arkansas state website offers a business entity search tool that allows you to preliminarily check the availability of your preferred business name, as well as the status of business entities recorded with the state.

Note that business name searches do not guarantee your right to the name until you file your business registration papers with the SOS.

If you prefer, you can contact the SOS Business and Commercial Services Division on 1 (501) 682-3409 to check if your name is available.


Select an entity type.

Select an entity type.

On the business search page, you will see a drop-down list next to "Corporation Type." This allows you to specify the type of business you'd like to search for. However, you'll want to keep "All Types" selected to ensure a thorough search of the database.


Enter your desired name in the search field.

Enter your desired name in the search field.

Next, enter your desired business name in the block next to "Enter Either Name," excluding identifiers such as "LLC" or "LP," and any punctuation. Leave the rest of the fields blank and click "Search."

Be sure to search for alternate spellings and similar names to ensure that your potential business name does not clash with other business entities in the database.


View the search results.

View the search results.

If there are no results, you will see a notification stating, "There were no records found!"

If there are results, you will see a table containing the names of businesses with matching or similar names, their location, as well as their current status. You can click on each listing to view more information about that particular entity.

A "revoked" or "forfeited charter" status means that the entity has failed to comply with franchise tax obligations and is barred from doing business in the state. These entities may be reinstated after they pay their outstanding taxes and penalties, which means that their names are still protected.

A "dissolved" status does not necessarily mean that the business's name is up for grabs. If the entity was administratively dissolved by the state, the name is protected for seven years thereafter. However, if the owner(s) willingly applied for dissolution, which the state has formally processed, then the name is available.


Additional Arkansas business search steps.


Perform trademark searches.

Perform trademark searches.

Trademark searches are advisable as the business search outlined above is limited to business names registered with the state and does not include state or federal trademarks.

Arkansas's trademark search tool provides access to trademark and service mark registrations. Note that if your proposed mark is similar to any registered mark, it may be rejected by the state.

It is also advisable to search the United States Patent and Trademark Office's (USPTO) trademark database to identify any registered federal trademarks.


File a name reservation.

File a name reservation.

To prevent your business name from being snapped up by someone else, you can reserve it for up to 120 days prior to filing your business formation documents.

All you have to do is navigate to the Corporations Online Filing page, fill out the applicable name reservation form, and submit it electronically. The cost of an online name reservation is $22.50.

You can also opt to submit your name reservation by mail. Download and fill out the application form and mail it to the SOS Business and Commercial Services Division, along with the $25.00 fee for paper filings.


Navigate to the Arkansas Secretary of State's business search tool. The tool allows you to preliminarily check the availability of your preferred business name, as well as the status of business entities recorded with the state.

Does it cost anything to do a business search in Arkansas?

No, the service is free of charge.

How do I look up an LLC in Arkansas?

On the SOS business entity name search page, select "Domestic Limited Liability Company" in the drop-down menu. Enter a business name or fictitious business name and click "Search."

How can I do an Arkansas business license search by owner?

You cannot search for a business entity by owner, only by entity name, registered agent, and/or filing number.

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