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Architect Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Hobbes + Loch

The + symbol tends to stand out, and make the name memorable.


Some firms choose to write their name in all-caps. A bold statement.

3. ABA Group

Larger firms with multiple partners may want to use "group" in the name.

4. Fischer Worldwide

Add "worldwide" to denote international firms.

5. Rogers Kline Architects

Some companies choose to have "architects" or "architecture" in the name.

6. LBM

A minimalist approach with just the initials of the founder or founders.

7. Davis Associates

Many firms choose to add "associates" to their name.

8. Bertold | Brandt

A single line separating partner names offers visual appeal.

9. Smithe Design

"Design" is also commonly added to the name.

10. asp architects

In contrast to all caps, a few firms go with all lower case for their name.

How to Name a Construction Company

An 8-Step Process for Naming a Construction Company

More Architect Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Architecture Firm Names:

  • The Tect Tech.
  • Creation Crew Co.
  • The Construct Center.
  • Tactful Towers.
  • Architect + Associates.

Cool Architecture Business Names:

  • The Walking Architect.
  • GridWork.
  • Architekten.
  • The Drawing Room.
  • Blueprint Boys.

Good Architecture Company Names:

  • Omega Buildwork.
  • Artitectural Studio.
  • The Foundry.
  • Stencil House.
  • Forge Projects.

Creative Architecture Firm Names:

  • RedBird Architects.
  • The Draw Studio.
  • Architecto.
  • Revitect.
  • C-Structural Design.

Weird Architecture Firm Names:

  • Gotham's Grid.
  • Revitectury.
  • Planning Artists.
  • The Urbanism Tect.
  • Serene Structures.

Greek Architectural Firm Names:

  • Empire Of Architects.
  • Hercules Housing.
  • The Greek Grid.
  • Road To Rhodes.
  • Athen Associates.

French Architecture Firm Names:

  • La Structure Lane.
  • De Confiance Architects.
  • Studio Élégant.
  • The Paris Planner.
  • Nice Architecture.


How do I know if my architect business name idea is good?

The name should ideally indicate your line of business and allude to the field of architecture you specialize in, if relevant. It should be memorable and easy to pronounce. A unique name would make it stand out, but keep in mind that it should be search-engine friendly. Take a look at our list of architect business name ideas for inspiration.

How do I choose an architect business name?

  1. List keywords and name ideas.
  2. Find synonyms for your keywords.
  3. Explore existing architect business names.
  4. Try to combine keywords or use a business name generator.
  5. Test your favorite names on family, friends, and colleagues.
  6. Find out if your shortlisted names are already registered.
  7. Check if domain names are available for your name options.
  8. Secure the best name.

What are some real-life names for an architect business?

  • Archigram.
  • iArc.
  • Archimania.
  • Integrated Design Associates.
  • Mechanoo.
  • Morphosis.
  • Populous.
  • SHoP Architects.

How do I check if an architect business name already exists?

Take a look at our article on how to check name availability.

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