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Yoga Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Fitness Hatha

This name debunks the idea that you can't get fit from yoga. It may pique the interest of skeptics.

2. Healthful Hatha

A good name for advocates of holistic yoga, who focus on yoga as a lifestyle, not merely exercise.

3. The Posture Yoga

"Posture" is one of the key aspects of yoga. Could work for yoga classes or stores that sell props.

4. Hatha Now

A catchy name for a business that sells online yoga videos or equipment clients can use at will.

5. The Mat Meditation

A memorable name for a yoga studio that focuses on meditation techniques or a store that sells mats.

6. My Fitness Chi

"Chi" means energy, making this an excellent name for yoga classes that energize/refresh clients.

7. Hatha Glow

A play on "Hatha Flow." "Glow" implies clients can achieve youthful radiance through yoga practice.

8. True Hatha

"True" tells clients they will have a genuine yoga experience when they attend classes here.

9. Pose Karma

An easy-to-remember name for a physical or virtual yoga studio, or a store that sells equipment.

10. Ashtanga Fitness

"Ashtanga" is a challenging yoga form, making it the perfect name for advanced yoga classes.

Meditation Center Business Names

Find great name ideas for your meditation center business.

More Yoga Business Name Ideas:

Yoga Studio Names:

  • YU Yoga Studios.
  • Serene Spirit Studio.
  • Fitlyn Yoga.
  • StudiAsana.
  • YogaZendio.

Yoga Class Names:

  • Hatha Yoga Central.
  • Kalama Pranasana.
  • Yoga Kaksha.
  • Harmony Yoga Academy.
  • Call of the Soul.

Funny Yoga Names:

  • Love & Hatha Relationship.
  • Chakra Cheese.
  • Asana, Moon & Stars.
  • Just a Yogality.
  • ComMantra in Chief.

Spiritual Yoga Names:

  • One's Soul Yoga.
  • The Open Heart Yoga.
  • Chakra Equilibrium.
  • Yoga Soul 2 Flow.
  • Soma Healing Poses.

Great Yoga Business Names:

  • Rishiskesk Yoga.
  • Pose Prose.
  • Spirit Glow Yoga.
  • Asana Manor.
  • Moonature Yoga.

Catchy Yoga Business Names:

  • Himalayoga.
  • Pure Asanaty.
  • Soothing Spirit Yoga.
  • Hatha Haven.
  • Yoga Yeah.

Cool Yoga Business Names:

  • Gym & Yoga.
  • The Zenfit Studio.
  • Cool Body Yoga.
  • Pose & Poise.
  • Yoga on Campus.

Clever Yoga Business Names:

  • YoGals.
  • The Mad Hatha.
  • Yogame.
  • AsanAsylum.
  • Yoganati.

Creative Yoga Business Names:

  • Oh My Yoga!
  • Relax & Refine.
  • FlowGA.
  • Hatha Go.
  • Green Dot Yoga.

Good Yoga Business Names:

  • Yoga Simply Good.
  • Hakuna Yogi.
  • Upsilon Yoga.
  • The Hatha Flow.
  • Umbrella Yoga.

Cute Yoga Business Names:

  • Little Yoga Glow.
  • Chirpy Chakras.
  • Fit Monkey Yoga.
  • Pink Pixie Pose.
  • Hunny Bunny Yoga.


How do I choose a compelling name for my yoga business?

  1. Decide if you'll offer classes, sell yoga equipment and clothing, and whether you'll do it all online or if you'll require a location.
  2. Come up with a list of possible names and feed them to a yoga name generator.
  3. Conduct industry research and see which existing yoga business names resonate with you.
  4. Check name availability.
  5. Revisit the list of names and select the most memorable option.

Where can I find a yoga studio name generator?

Try using a business name generator to find name ideas for your yoga studio. Just enter the category and keywords you want to include and look through the suggestions until you find the perfect name for your yoga business.

What are some real-life names for yoga businesses?

  • YogaSix.
  • CorePower Yoga.
  • Bloom Studio.
  • Real Hot Yoga.
  • Yoga Tree.
  • Honor Yoga.
  • Sunstone Yoga.

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