Workwear Business Name Ideas:


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1. Worxx Wear

This name is short, snappy, and gets straight to the point of what it is your business offers. The intentional misspelling of "works" makes this name highly recognizable and lends itself to creative logo designs. The repetition of the "W" sound further aids memorability.

2. The Occupation Stylist

"Stylist" brings to mind on-trend designs and perfectly groomed individuals. "Occupation" qualifies the type of style you specialize in and will leave no doubt in your clients' minds that you are the number one destination for stylish, smart, and professional work attire.

3. Work Wearhouse

Made memorable by alliteration, this name will easily be the first one your clients think of when looking for workwear. The pun on "Warehouse" reflects a good-natured brand with a sense of humor while also suggesting that you carry an extensive range of clothing for different professions.

4. Biz Boutique

"Biz" gives this name a fun and personable character, while "Boutique" adds a sense of exclusivity and panache. The combination suggests a high-end fashion house for business wear. The repetition of the "B" also aids memorability, making this name a top choice for a premium workwear business.

5. Job Trends

This unusual name for a fashion retailer suggests to clients that the workwear you carry reflects the latest trends. While positioning your business as a destination for fashionable workwear, this name also lends itself to creative logo designs and branding campaigns that highlight style at work.

6. The Workwear Boys

Simple but highly effective, this name tells customers exactly what you are about and conveys a sense of camaraderie. While "Boys" might suggest a male-run business, it may also indicate to clients that you mostly stock men's ranges or garments with traditionally masculine designs.

7. The Uniform Industry

This name has a definite no-nonsense ring to it while also coming across as open and honest. "Uniform" creates a clear link to workwear, whereas "Industry" suggests an extensive range of products covering almost any profession. This name is ideal for a wholesaler or warehouse-style retailer.

8. Wear 'n Fly Clothing

If you're in the business of providing custom workwear and apparel for professionals and businesses in the aviation and aerospace industries, this name is for you. "Wear 'N Fly" is a short and snappy name that doubles as a catchy slogan, with "Clothing" reinforcing that yours is a workwear business.

9. Solo Shift Wear

This name suggests a workwear business that caters to industries that frequently hire workers on an ad-hoc basis, such as events or catering. "Solo" in particular lends itself to creating an eye-catching logo design, while "Shift Wear" gives clients a good idea of the type of workwear you stock.

10. Teamwork Fashion

"Teamwork" is a popular buzzword in the business world and offers a great way of linking your fashion brand to the world of business. The name will stand out from more conventionally named competitive brands that incorporate "workwear" and associate your business with the values of teamwork.

Uniform Business Names

Standout name ideas for your uniform business.

More Workwear Business Name Ideas:

Good Workwear Business Names:

  • The Fitted Boot.
  • Luxx Workwear.
  • The Citizen.
  • The Vest Warehouse.
  • Alleviate Workwear.

Cool Workwear Business Names:

  • Comfy & Trim.
  • Treat My Wear.
  • Vest Crafters.
  • Dress For Purpose.
  • Suits N' Suitcases.

Unique Workwear Business Names:

  • The Agent.
  • The Stitching Lady.
  • Vest Stylin'.
  • Shirt To Boot.
  • Vest-A-Matter.

Luxury Workwear Business Names:

  • Rooftop Envy.
  • Clear Touch Wear.
  • The Hardhat Store.
  • Calvary Clothing.
  • Vest Connection.

Medical Workwear Business Names:

  • Luxx Medical Wear.
  • All Ward Wear.
  • Glow Med Boutique.
  • Medici Wear.
  • Union By Design.


How do I come up with a catchy workwear business name?

  1. Create a list of keywords and phrases related to your workwear business.
  2. Add synonyms and related words to your list of keywords.
  3. Combine these words to form names or use a business name generator.
  4. Ask your friends and peers for feedback.
  5. Check the availability of your shortlisted names.
  6. Select a name and register it.

Where can I find some workwear business name ideas?

You can peruse our list of workwear business name ideas for inspiration.

What are some well-known workwear business names?

  • CAT.
  • ExtremeGard.
  • Carhartt.
  • Dr. Martens.
  • Snap'N'Wear.
  • Gung Ho Apparel.
  • Union Line.
  • Round House.

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