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Woodcraft Business Name Ideas:


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1.Bevelled Designs

"Bevelled" refers to a finishing detail on the edge of a wooden structure and adds a sense of skill, precision, and authenticity to this name. "Designs" evokes a sense of thought and creativity, highlighting your experience and expertise.

2.King Craft Woodworkers

The alliteration of the words "King" and "Craft" gives this name a catchy appeal. "King" alludes to the quality of your work, suggesting that your products are fit for royalty. It also adds a prestigious aspect to the name that will work great for a high-end woodcraft business.

3.Woodsmith & Sons

"Woodsmith" is a great term to convey the artisanal nature of your work and expertise in the trade of woodcraft. It creates a sense of tradition and legacy, qualities that are reinforced by the use of the word "Sons." It's a great name for a family-owned business.

4.Handmade Hardwoods

A catchy alliterative name that is great for word-of-mouth advertising. "Hardwood" speaks to your material of choice and suggests high-quality, long-lasting products. "Handmade" alludes to your skill and adds a sense of care and attention.

5.True Woodcraft

Simple and clear, this name has a trustworthy sense that will reassure your clients. "True" conveys authenticity and honesty, highlighting the values of your business and your woodcraft skills.

6.Redwood Craft

"Redwood" trees are the tallest known trees and add weight, authority, and strength to this business name. The term "woodcraft" is subtly embedded within the name and becomes clear when pronounced, adding a clever intrigue to the name.

7.Ash & Maple

This name evokes a sense of sophistication and is timeless. The connecting ampersand adds elegance and professionalism to the name. Try tailoring this name to reflect the material used in your business, for example, "Pine & Cedar" or "Oak & Cherry."

8.Artisanal Wood Designs

Clear and highly communicative. "Artisanal" conveys a sense of skill, experience, and expertise; qualities that will appeal to customers looking for authentic, high-quality wooden items. "Designs" is associated with artistry, aesthetics, and intelligence, adding sophistication to the name.

9.The Woodcrafting Co.

Simple and professional. "The" suggest that your business is the place to go for wood-crafted items, adding authority to the name. "Co." adds a contemporary flair and makes for a highly memorable brand name for your business.

10.The Birch Brothers

The alliteration is appealing and makes this name super easy to remember. "Birch" alludes to the type of work and material that your woodcraft business specializes in. "Brothers" adds a familial aspect to this name, evoking qualities of experience, legacy, and trustworthiness.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

Woodworking Business Names

10 unique names for a woodworking business.


What are some great woodcraft company name ideas?

  • Bevelled Designs.
  • King Craft Woodworkers.
  • Woodsmith & Sons.
  • Handmade Hardwoods.

What are the names of some existing woodcraft companies?

  • Sterling WoodCraft.
  • Confluence Woodcraft.
  • Woodcraft Unlimited.
  • Woodcraft Industries.
  • Esoteric Woodcraft.

How can I come up with a name idea for my woodcraft business?

  • Think about the type of items that your business specializes in and who your primary target market will be.
  • Draw inspiration from the tools, materials, and techniques of your trade.
  • Do some research to see how other woodcraft companies treated their business names.
  • Make a list of keywords that will define and differentiate your business.
  • Feed these into a business name generator to produce unique name options.
  • Pick your top five favorite names and request feedback from friends and family.
  • Choose the best name based on the feedback and check that the name is available.
  • Secure the name.
  • Register the corresponding domain name.

What are some great names for my woodcraft business?

  • True Woodcraft.
  • Redwood Craft.
  • Ash & Maple.
  • Artisanal Wood Designs.

What are some catchy woodcraft company names?

  • The Woodcrafting Co.
  • The Birch Brothers.
  • Ash & Maple.
  • King Craft Woodworkers.

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