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Wax Melt Business Name Ideas:


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1. Wax Meltology

This name is modern and unique, creating a noun for the study of wax melting. This makes your brand seem innovative and creative, inviting curious customers to view your products.

2. Posh Wax Melt

The word "posh" suggests that your products are of a high quality, which will draw in more upmarket clients. The implication of an elite product will make even the most discerning customers try your wax melts.

3. Heaven's Wax

This name tells customers that your wax melts not only smell divine, but will make them feel like angels. Many people use wax melts as part of their self care routine, making this name apt for a restful experience.

4. The Wax Emporium

"Emporium" suggests that your business offers a wide variety of wax melts of all scents and shapes. It also has connotations of luxury and wealth, making your brand seem elite.

5. Melt Rainbow

This business name creates a powerful image of multi-colored melts, inspiring feelings of positivity and joy. Bright colors can be appealing to anyone, but would be particularly popular with younger customers.

6. Bark And Bee's Wax

Using the words "bark" and "bees" suggests that you only use natural ingredients when making your wax melts, appealing to customers who are looking for authentic scents. The alliteration also makes this name catchy.

7. Wax Melt Ranch

The idea of a ranch filled with was melts is rustic and unique, and is sure to pique curiosity. The name also suggests that you have a vast supply of wax melts to choose from.

8. Wax & Spice

This name alludes to the use of spices to make your wax melts more aromatic, which will appeal to customers looking for a unique scent. The name is simple and classy, making it perfect for a professional brand.

9. Wax Melts & Peace

Because many people use wax melts as part of their self care practice, including the word "peace" informs customers that your products are perfect for me-time. The name defines your brand as a means of escape from stress, attracting customers of all kinds.

10. A Fragrant Affair

The word "fragrant" is impactful, telling customers that you have a range of aromatic wax melts that will win them over. The word "affair" makes your products seem like a guilty pleasure, adding to their appeal.

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More Wax Melt Business Name Ideas:

Funny Wax Melt Business Names:

  • Ooh La Melt.
  • Honey & Fire.
  • Melt4U.
  • Waxed Away.
  • Pot o' Melt.

Catchy Wax Melt Business Names:

  • Melted Shea.
  • WaxBliss.
  • The Restful Melt.
  • Candle's Peace.
  • GloWax.


What should I name my wax melt business?

Your wax melt business name should be catchy yet true to your brand. Read through our list of wax melt business name ideas for inspiration, or use our business name generator to create your own unique name.

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