Traffic School Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Tear the Ticket Traffic School

A striking & descriptive name that will appeal to students with a rebellious streak.

2. Reclaim Freedom

The loss of freedom is keenly felt when you lose your driving privileges; go here to "reclaim" them.

3. Calm Cop Traffic School

Once you've finished these classes, any cop who pulls you over will remain "calm."

4. Defensive Dummies

A suitable name for a comedy traffic school with teachers who know how to make learning fun.

5. Zen af Traffic School

A traffic school where drivers will learn to manage their road rage issues.

6. Ticket Boil

Are all these tickets giving you stress-related boils? Do you want to "boil" them? Enroll here.

7. Learn! Dummy Defensive Course

Great for a comedy traffic school. May attract those who can own up to their silly/reckless actions.

8. Naughty Driver School

A good choice for a traffic school with charismatic teachers who are great entertainers.

9. Calm Case Safe Driving

Catchy. Could be a reference to "nutcase." Students who enroll here will be "calm cases" by the end.

10. Second Chance Safety School

Hints at a school that looks kindly upon traffic violators. Suitable for a virtual traffic school.

Driving School Business Names

Catchy name ideas for a driving school business.

More Traffic School Business Name Ideas:

Unique Traffic School Business Names:

  • Safety 101 Driver.
  • Car Traffic Academy.
  • School Route.
  • Safe Traffic College.
  • The Track Driver Academy.

Memorable Traffic School Business Names:

  • Road Traffic School.
  • My Driver Course.
  • Training Drivers Academy.
  • The Traffic School.
  • Master Traffic Course.

Cool Traffic School Business Names:

  • Road Safety Street Institute.
  • Top Drivers Traffic School.
  • Street Journey College.
  • The Traffic Policy.
  • All Drivers Academy.

Creative Traffic School Business Names:

  • Go Traffic School.
  • Driver Safeway Academy.
  • T Driving School.
  • Mentor Trucks.
  • Pro Traffic Institute.


How do I pick a name for my traffic school?

  1. Establish your brand values and the nature of your driving school (online vs. brick-and-mortar).
  2. Look at the names of established driving schools to get ideas.
  3. Make a list of keywords and combine them to form traffic school names.
  4. Feed some keywords through a business name generator.
  5. Share your best names with potential clients.
  6. Register your top name.

What are some names of existing traffic schools?

  • New York Safety Council.
  • BEST Traffic School.
  • Ticket Toaster.

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