Whether you're selling baked goods, small leather goods, fresh produce, or virtually anything else, you'll need to select a memorable name for your street vendor business. Take a look at our top ten ideas that could work for you.

Street Vendor Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1.Curbside Creations

Ideal for those who make and sell things on-site. Harnesses alliteration to boost memorability.

2.The Shoe Clinic

Perfect for a shoe cobbler, or even a shoe polisher. Hints that shoes will leave looking better.

3.Betty's Mobile Bakery

A cute, partially alliterative option that would work well for a vendor who sells homemade treats.

4.Taco Lane

A straightforward but catchy pun that could work regardless of where you set up shop.

5.Java Junction

Perfect for a coffee stall. The alliterative, punny nature of this name is sure to be a hit.

6.Handbags 'n Things

Think handbags, rucksacks, and small leather goods. The "'n Things" bit leaves room for expansion.

7.Just Picked

For a fruit and/or veg stall that stocks fresh items without fail.

8.Fire and Spice

Ideal for a vendor who sells spices and other goods. The hotter, the better!

9.Little Library

Could work for someone who stocks new and/or second-hand books. Alliteration helps make this catchy.

10.Every Thread

For a clothing stall. Synonymous with variety and inclusive sizing.

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What are some cute street vendor business name ideas?

  • Curbside Creations.
  • The Shoe Clinic.
  • Betty's Mobile Bakery.
  • Taco Lane.
  • Java Junction.

What are some catchy street vendor business name ideas?

  • Handbags 'n Things.
  • Just Picked.
  • Fire and Spice.
  • Little Library.
  • Every Thread.

What are some cool street vendor business name ideas?

  • Nuts About You.
  • Dial-a-Tech.
  • Feathers and Stones.
  • Dipped Delights.
  • Regal Road.

Where can I find a street vendor business name generator?

Use NameSnack. It's completely free, and you'll have thousands of unique names within moments of completing just a few questions. Be sure to ask for the results to be emailed to you if you'd like to refer to them later on.

How do I choose a name for my street vendor business?

  • Gather your existing street vendor name options.
  • Weed out ones that are tricky to pronounce, as well as those that don't speak to you.
  • Ask potential customers and trusted family members to share their thoughts on each idea.
  • Identify a few highly brandable names that portray your stall in a favorable light.
  • Give it a few days to see which name sticks with you, and then go with that.

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