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Sock Business Name Ideas:


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1.Sole Mates

The wittiness of the pun of "soul mates" will make your sock brand memorable. The name will reference your feet and the fact that your clients have found their favorite forever socks. A match made in sock heaven.

2.Mind Your Step

A name like this says your socks will be so fancy that people would not want to step on them. It also acts as a warning to walk carefully as your socks are so smooth customers might slip and fall further in love with your products.


This pun on leggings or long socks to wear under your boots is witty and will say that your socks are so good that it has to be illegal to sell them. The name also adds mystery to your brand.

4.Where's My Mate

No one can explain it, but there is always one sock that goes missing in the wash. By naming your business "Where's My Mate," you acknowledge this fact in a fun way that will not go unnoticed by your customers. It shows that your brand has a sense of humor.

5.Sock It

To "sock it" to someone is to say something strongly and directly. The name also reverts to the Jazz reference, meaning " to liven things up." In the same way, your sock brand will be strong and prominent and liven things up.


The hottest thing is to allow customers to design their socks. If you are in the business of manufacturing and distributing designer socks, then this quirky name will give a clear indication of this. It is also a playful way to refer to the fact that your socks are unique.

7.Hide and Seek

When selling hidden socks, "Hide and Seek" shows that they will not be visible above the quarters of the shoes. The name is playful and references the game played by children, which makes your brand accessible across ages.

8.Candy Stripes

Bright and colorful socks need a name that befits their extravagance and the abundance of joy they bring. The reference to stripes also indicates that your socks will have playful patterns and pictures on them.

9.Show Sockers

This wordplay on "show stoppers" is a playful way to say that your product will make people stop in their tracks when they see your socks. It adds playfulness to your brand.

10.Bonkers for Socks

A sock business that people will go crazy for, that is what this name says. It says that your socks are so great that people will do anything to get their hands on them. The name is playful and memorable.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

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What are some catchy sock business name ideas?

  • Hide and Seek.
  • Where's My Mate.
  • Bootleggings.
  • Sole Mates.
  • Show Sockers.

What are some unique sock business name ideas?

  • Design-a-Sock.
  • Sock It.
  • Mind Your Step.
  • Bonkers for Socks.
  • Candy Stripes.

What are some pun sock business name ideas?

  • Show Sockers.
  • Sole Mates.
  • Bootleggings.
  • Hide and Seek.
  • Candy Stripes.

What are some real-life sock business names?

  • Boardroom Socks.
  • Lily Trotters.
  • Swiftwick Aspire Four.
  • Farm to Feet.
  • Solmate Socks.

How do I come up with a name for my sock business?

  • Consider the type of socks that you will produce and sell and the target market you'd like to sell them to.
  • Write down any keywords relating to your brand.
  • Combine your keywords and feed them into a clothing business name generator to come up with more ideas.
  • Test your favorite name ideas with friends and family.
  • Ensure your chosen name is available.

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