School Supply Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Learning Soul Stationers

A strong name that conveys a desire for lifelong learning and also tells customers exactly what they can expect to find on your shelves. You can make the name appealing to a younger or older audience by use of bright or muted font colors.

2. Red Rocket Paper Co.

This name rolls right off the tongue. A versatile choice for a wholesale school supplier. The word "rocket" carries connotations of achievement and exploration, which are things students should be invested in.

3. Stars of Gold

Simple and effective, this name makes reference to the golden stars students are often awarded when they excel at school. With the pens, paper, and books students purchase from this school supply store, they'll be well on their way to achieving that A+.

4. Easy as Pi School Supplies

A great choice for a quirky and fun school supply store. Customers may expect to find tools and textbooks used in math and science at this store, given the "Pi" reference in the name. The word "easy" creates an inviting atmosphere around the store, suggesting students should not fear these subjects.

5. Truly Red Apples

This name calls to mind an image of a red apple on a favorite teacher's desk. A fitting choice for a school supply business that caters to younger students and kindergarten or grade school teachers.

6. Rainbow Bumblebee's Books

This name, fashioned in the shape of a bright rainbow, is bound to leave a lasting impression on teachers and students alike. The word "Books" may be substituted with another word, depending on the products you sell.

7. Just in Case Student Store

A wonderful name for a supplier of school pencil cases or backpacks. This name also works well for a 24/7 school supply store for students and teachers in desperate need of a pen, pencil, eraser, or notepad to help them finish that last minute project.

8. A Few Bright Sparks

A simple and elegant choice for a family-run school supply business. The name subtly hints at a team of clever and efficient staff, while also implying that customers who choose this store have made a wise decision.

9. Penelope Pearson's Perfect Pens

A really fun, interesting name with a unique, tongue-twister feel. Suitable for a high-energy school supplies brand that prides itself on creating quality ("Perfect") pens and other stationery.

10. Inspired Sparkle Supplies

"Inspired" hints at passion and creativity, while "Sparkle" suggests achievement and excellence. A simple, yet effective name for a variety of school supply stores, but one that's probably best-suited to stationery stores focused on arts and craft supplies.

Teacher Supplies Business Names

Terrific and enticing name ideas for your teacher supplies business.

More School Supply Business Name Ideas:

Cool School Supply Business Names:

  • MentalMath Supplies.
  • Clever Equipped.
  • My School Geeks.
  • Crayons Solutions.
  • The Academy Stock.

Creative School Supply Business Names:

  • The Birds of Minerva.
  • Bookbag Parade.
  • Educated Catalog.
  • The Pupil Spot.
  • Essential & Brilliant.

Catchy School Supply Business Names:

  • My First Notebook.
  • Emporium 4College.
  • My Math Mall.
  • The Folder's Boss.
  • Cute & Learned.

Unique School Supply Business Names:

  • Furnischool.
  • The Pencils' Heaven.
  • In My Schoolbag.
  • Pre-K Tools.
  • Learner's Equipment.

Memorable School Supplies Business Names:

  • CrayOasis.
  • Scribe EduStore.
  • Days of Schooling.
  • Little Bugs' Pens.
  • The Scholar's Focus.


How do I come up with a catchy school supply business name?

  1. List some keywords related to your school supply business.
  2. Find synonyms and word associations.
  3. Combine words to create name ideas.
  4. Use a business name generator to create name ideas.
  5. Review your list and get feedback.
  6. Check the name availability.
  7. Make a choice.
  8. Secure the name.

What are some established school supply brands?

  • K12 School Supplies.
  • Discount School Supply.
  • My Online Stationery.
  • Staples.
  • Waltons.

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