Before choosing a name for your popsicle business, consider your brand and target market. Are you manufacturing popsicles or selling them directly to the public? Will you stick to traditional, high-sugar ice pops, milky treats, or spiked popsicles? Whatever your specialty, keep your name short and sweet. Read through our top picks for inspiration.

Popsicle Business Names

RankBusiness NameDescription
1.Magic FruityCatchy and sweet. A solid name for a traditional, no-frills popsicle brand.
2.Brrr CafeAn eye-catching name that sounds as cold as an ice pop. Great for a sit-down popsicle shop.
3.My Ice Spirit"Spirit" may indicate ice pops that are spiked with alcohol. Great for a brand or a sit-down cafe.
4.Gourmet Sunshine"Sunshine" has connotations of joy. Think coconut cream, coffee, sweet peach, & honey flavored pops.
5.Booze SnowAnother cool name for popsicles aimed at adults. Suitable for a cafe or a supplier.
6.Crunchy SugarA very descriptive name that would work well for popsicles with a candy coating.
7.Brainfreeze ShopThe name says it all; this is the place to be if you need to cool down quickly on a hot day.
8.Freeze CrunchPunchy and unique. This name combines the frosty and crunchy aspects of popsicles.
9.Love FruityA great name for strongly-scented, flavorful fruit pops. Could work for traditional or gourmet pops.
10.Flavor IsleEvocative of hot summer days spent by the ocean. Could work well for a themed popsicle cafe.

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What are some unique names for popsicle businesses?

  • Magic Fruity.
  • Brrr Cafe.
  • My Ice Spirit.
  • Gourmet Sunshine.
  • Booze Snow.

What are some cool names for popsicle businesses?

  • Freeze Cafe.
  • Fresh Polar.
  • Lemon Snowman.
  • Fruity Brainfreeze.
  • Crunchy Sugar.

What are some trendy names for popsicle businesses?

  • Crunchy Sugar.
  • Brainfreeze Shop.
  • Freeze Crunch.
  • Love Fruity.
  • Flavor Isle.

How do I name my popsicle business?

  • Think of the type of popsicles you want to sell, your target audience, and your brand image, then write down the keywords.
  • Conduct industry research and analyze the names of similar brands.
  • Use your keywords to form names.
  • Feed some of your keywords through NameSnack.
  • Share your top names with friends and family.
  • Register your best name.

What are some names of established popsicle businesses?

  • Pantheon Ice Pops.
  • Six Strawberries.
  • Pleasant Pops.
  • Paletas Betty.
  • The Pop Shop.

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