Personal shoppers provide support to clients who need help buying groceries, medication, and/or clothing. When choosing a business name, be sure to consider your shopping niche, target market, and your expansion possibilities. See our list of creative and professional name ideas for your personal shopper business.

Personal Shopper Business Names:

RankBusiness NameDescription
1.Store AidA simple name that leaves room for expansion. "Store" could refer to clothing or grocery stores.
2.Pink ExpertA feminine name that could work for a personal shopper who specializes in women styling and clothes.
3.Taste CoachAn unconventional name that highlights your ability to shop delicious groceries and provide advice.
4.Shop HelperTells clients exactly what they can expect from your business. Provides expansion opportunities.
5.The Grocery AidThis sophisticated name is sure to attract your target market. Wonderful for grocery shoppers.
6.GoShopStraightforward, punchy, and catchy. "Go" inspires clients to pick your personal shopper business.
7.The Footwear StylistAn alluring name that offers plenty logo possibilities. Good for shoppers who study footwear trends.
8.Medication AidSounds professional and reliable. Reassures clients that you'll assist them to pick up medication.
9.Nutritious HelperThis name is aimed at personal shoppers who specialize in sourcing nutritious meals and groceries.
10.ShoPersonalA unique and captivating name that cleverly combines the words "shop" and "personal."

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How do you name your personal shopper business?

  • Consider the type of personal shopper services you'll provide.
  • Brainstorm words that highlight the best qualities of your brand.
  • Feed your ideas to a name generator.
  • Use online surveys and polls to identify customer favorites.
  • Perform a name availability search.
  • Choose a memorable name and register it.

What are some catchy personal shopper business names?

  • Store Aid.
  • GoShop.
  • Grocery Aid.
  • Shop Helper.

What are some unique personal shopper business names?

  • Taste Coach.
  • ShoPersonal.
  • Pink Expert.
  • The Footwear Stylist.

What should I name my personal shopper business names?

  • The Grocery Aid.
  • Medication Aid.
  • Shop Helper.
  • Nutritious Helper.

Should I include my name in my personal shopper business name?

Many personal shoppers choose to start off as independent consultants, opting to use their full name as the business's name. This will make it easier to search for your services. However, you need to consider your business and brand's expansion before including your full name.

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