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Painter Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. My Paint Poet

A creative name idea that offers great slogan and logo design opportunities.

2. Paint Artisan

Appeal to customers' creative senses with this unique name idea.

3. Accomplished Craftsman

Give your painting services a professional air with this creative name idea.

4. My Interior Craft

Show customers what services you offer with this name idea reminiscent of interior decorating.

5. Talented Painter

Advertize your services and why you stand out from your competition with this great name idea.

6. Silky Paint

Promise your clients a silky-smooth finish with this fun and unique name idea.

7. Brush Poet

This creative name idea tells your customers that you are a poet with a paint brush.

8. Omnipainter

This unique mashup will show your clients that you can handle all surfaces that need to be painted.

9. Avid Painter

Tell clients how dedicated you are to your business with this unique name idea.

10. The Painter Grade

A creative name idea that offers great slogan opportunities about besting the painting grade.

Painting Business Names

Memorable name ideas for your painting business.

More Painter Business Name Ideas:

Funny Names for Painting Company:

  • Makin Paradise.
  • Paint Me Simple.
  • Paint it Clear.
  • Paint Me a Roomfill.
  • Paint and Pinch.

Female Painting Company Names:

  • Painting by Ansela.
  • Glow Dream Girlz.
  • All Girl Scapes.
  • Painting Goddess.
  • Zara Painting.

Christian Painting Company Names:

  • Luke's Painting.
  • Angel Touch Studio.
  • Divine Palette.
  • Moses Paints.
  • Saints Paint Store.

Car Paint Business Names:

  • Unique Touch Up.
  • Satin Spray Painting.
  • Paint My Ride.
  • Styling Wheelz.
  • Dazzel Auto.

Professional Names for a Painter Business:

  • Paint Me Modern.
  • Ridgeway Paint Shop.
  • The Perfect Coat.
  • PaintBright Inc.
  • Boyd House Painting.

Catchy Painters' Business Names:

  • Satin Beauty Paints.
  • Paint B Seamless.
  • Paint 'n' Move.
  • Paint 'n' Dream.
  • The Paintbrush Co.

Cool Painters' Business Names:

  • Paint A Place.
  • Beautiful Coatings.
  • Peek-a-Paint.
  • Glazier Painting Inc.
  • Satins Dreams.


How do I choose a name for my painter business?

  1. Review your business name and ideal customer profile, if you have one, and create a list of related keywords.
  2. Research and add industry-related keywords to your list.
  3. Combine your keywords or run them through a business name generator.
  4. Check domain and state availability for your favorite names.
  5. Ask for feedback.
  6. Register the best name.

Where can I find a painting company name generator?

You can use NameSnack, our AI-powered name generator that can create hundreds of business name suggestions in seconds from just a few keywords.

What are some real-life painters' business names?

  • John's Paint & Drywall.
  • Singrey Painting.
  • Mauricio's Painting, LLC.
  • Remarkable Painting.
  • Duke's Painting & Repair.
  • Precise Home Specialties.

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