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Olive Oil Business Name Ideas:


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1. Drizzle Joy

An inviting name that playfully suggests that no restraint is necessary when using olive oil as a dressing, owing to its widely accepted health benefits.

2. Demeter's Harvest

This witty name references "Demeter," the Greek goddess associated with fertility, farming, and vegetation. It playfully alludes to premium quality olive oil.

3. Provance's Purest

An alluring name that identifies the Provence region of France as the olive oil's origin. This name will appeal to discerning buyers and those who favor authenticity.

4. Pressed Once

This descriptive name alludes to the first pressing of olives that delivers virgin olive oil, the highest grade. It will entice connoisseurs who appreciate quality.

5. Andalusia's Crown

This name contains a regal quality and evokes imagery of golden oil pressed from choice-grade olives. Andalusia is a prime olive cultivation region in Spain, hinting at top quality.

6. Just Koroneiki

A creative, contemporary name that is derived from a classic Greek olive variety. It would perfectly match a business that offers boutique-style olive oil products.

7. Tuscany's Best

Olive oil enthusiasts are guaranteed to take note of this name. It alludes to quality and tradition by referencing Tuscany, the Italian region renowned for its production of premium olive varieties.

8. Dionysus's Nectar

A fun name that hints at olive oil of traditional Greek origin. It creatively combines "Dionysus," the Greek god of fruitfulness and vegetation, and "nectar," the drink of the gods.

9. Ultimate Olives

This is a name that will appeal to a wide audience. It will entice those who are aware of the dietary benefits of olive oil, as well as its application in a variety of health treatments.

10. Crete's Pride

A name that will appeal to olive oil connoisseurs. It hints at quality and tradition, since Crete is widely recognized as one of the main olive oil-producing regions of Greece.

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More Olive Oil Business Name Ideas:

Cool Olive Oil Company Names:

  • Olive Kingdom.
  • Isle Oil.
  • The Olive Tree Empire.
  • Oasis Olive Co.
  • Branch & Vine Oils.

Good Olive Oil Brand Names:

  • Mesa Olive Products.
  • Nomad Olive Oil.
  • Presto Olives.
  • Trinity Oils.
  • Paradiso Olive Oil.


How do I come up with a catchy olive oil business name?

  1. Consider whether you're targeting general shoppers or olive oil connoisseurs.
  2. List some keywords and concepts related to the origin, production, uses, and benefits of olive oil.
  3. Try combining your keywords or use a business name generator.
  4. Ask friends for feedback on your favorite name ideas.

Where can I find some olive oil business name ideas?

You can peruse our list of olive oil business name ideas for inspiration.

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