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Name Change Press Release Template:


[Company Name] [Date]

[Business Name] Announces Name Change to [New Name]

[Sub-header: write one sentence about what the new name says about the company.]

[Place, date]. [Business Name], [brief description of business], announced today that it has changed its name to [New Name]. [In one sentence describe what prompted the name change and when this happened]. The new name reflects the [changes in the company, approach, product, etc].

[Use one or two sentences to give company background and then another two or three sentences to establish what, if anything, will change in terms of product, services, leadership, etc.]

“[Quote from the CEO/President/Vice President of Business Name about the business and its mission],” said [quoted source]. “[Quote about why the new name is a better fit].”

About [Business Name]

[Two to three sentences on what the business does. Include significant business partners and mission statement].

Media Contact:


[Job Title]

[Email address]

[Phone number]

Name Change Press Release Template Download:

Download our name change press release template, fill in the blanks, and send it out to the media.

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Tips for using name change press release templates:

  • Keep it short. Name change press releases require little information and no more than one quote.
  • Use the press release as an opportunity to re-establish the brand and what it has always offered.
  • Consider including a sneak peek of the new logo.

Name Change Press Release Sample:



XYZ International

12 December 2021

XYZ International Announces Name Change to ABC International

International organization changes its name to reflect its switch from XYZ to ABC technologies.

El Paso, Texas, December 12, 2021. XYZ International, XYZ technology developer, announced today that it has changed its name to ABC International. The name change comes as a result of a switch in focus for the company from XYZ tech to ABC tech. The new name reflects this change in focus.

XYZ International has been developing XYZ tech for the last 15 years and is a leader in the industry. The company has its headquarters in El Paso but has offices in every state. The change in name reflects the change in focus for the company, which started experimenting with ABC tech development three years ago. The company will no longer be designing and building XYZ devices as of 2022.

“We're very excited to announce the name change and we're confident about the new direction we're taking,” said ABC International President, Ed Exampleson. “The new name perfectly fits what we do.”

About ABC International

ABC International is a leading producer of ABC consumer devices.

Media Contact:

Ringo Callme

Head of Communication


How to Name an LLC

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How do you write a press release for a business name change?

  1. Start with a headline.
  2. Include a sub-header.
  3. Introduce the new name and explain why the change happened.
  4. Give background about the company.
  5. Quote a company source about the name change.
  6. Discuss any changes in services or products.
  7. Provide media contact information.

How do you notify customers of a company name change?

An effective way to inform the public of a name change is to send out a name change press release. If it is effective, the release will receive media coverage.

How do you announce a new name change?

To announce a new name change, you can send a name change press release to major online and print media companies.

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Business Name Generator

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