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Meal Prep Business Name Ideas:


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1.Outsourced Chef

A clever, premium-sounding name that leaves plenty of room for your business activities to expand.

2.My Meal Club

"My" makes this name sound personal, while "Club" offers an air of exclusiveness.


A punchy one-word option that's made even more memorable by its unique spelling.

4.Here for Seconds

Suggests that customers will keep coming back for more.

5.Dished Delights

An alliterative option that's informative but not too on the nose.

6.Little Meal Kit

A cute, trendy option that's screams DIY.

7.Dish it Already

For meals so good that customers' loved ones will be begging them to share their treasured recipes!

8.Organized Herbivore

Ideal for a business that specializes in plant-based meals.

9.My Meal Service

An informative name that sounds personal but professional.


A cute option that's synonymous with convenience and exceptional customer service.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

Food Prep Business Names

10 compelling name ideas for a food prep business.


What are some unique meal prep business name ideas?

  • Outsourced Chef.
  • My Meal Club.
  • Refreshd.
  • Here for Seconds.
  • Dished Delights.
  • Little Meal Kit.
  • Dish it Already.
  • Organized Herbivore.

What are some well-known meal prep business names?

  • Hello Fresh.
  • Blue Apron.
  • Home Chef.
  • Fresh and Easy.
  • Purple Carrot.
  • Green Chef.
  • Splendid Spoon.
  • FreshDirect.

How do I choose a meal prep business name?

Making a final decision can be difficult. Present your favorite options to members of your target market, as well as family and friends. Be sure to review their feedback to identify the most brandable options. Then, give it a few days to see if a name grows on you. When you're ready, proceed to check whether your top choice is available to ascertain whether you can register it.

What are some catchy meal prep business names?

  • Packaged Lunches.
  • Pre-Dished.
  • My Meal Service.
  • Dial-a-Brunch.
  • Meal in a Box.
  • BLD Sorted (“Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Sorted”).
  • Pre-Scooped.
  • Packaged Meals.

What are some great meal prep company names?

  • Real Deal Meals.
  • Macros in a Box.
  • Healthy Eats.
  • Refreshd.
  • Dished Delights.
  • Pro Meal Prep.

What are some inventive names for a meal prep business?

  • Dial-a-Brunch.
  • My Meal Club.
  • Little Meal Kit.
  • My Meal Service.

What are good food program names?

  • Refreshd.
  • New Day Meals.
  • Three-a-Day Feeding Scheme.
  • Dinners 4 All.

How do I come up with a great name for a meal prepping business?

  • Review your business plan for related keywords.
  • Consider your target audience and the message you want to convey through your business.
  • Research your top competitors for inspiration.
  • Use a thesaurus to find words related to meal prepping.
  • Run all of your gathered keywords through a business name generator.
  • Shortlist your favorite name ideas and ask for feedback from friends and family.
  • Check that your top option is available and secure the name.

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