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Masculine Business Name Ideas:


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1. Classic Man Tailors

A "Classic Man" is one who is sophisticated, refined, and cultured. He distinguishes himself from the ordinary man by tending to his speech, posture, and above all, his attire. His elevated status creates an ideal for men to aspire to and works wonderfully as the name of a tailoring business.

2. Brew of the Brave

This business name tells the story of a brawny and bearded man who enters a bar after a long day working the fields. He finds a seat and orders a drink that is worthy of his weathered hands and takes a long and deserving swig. The bar he drinks at is called "Brew of the Brave."

3. Valiant in Velvet

To be "Valiant" is to be courageous and heroic in the face of danger, while "Velvet" is a soft and silky material denoting grace and comfort. These conflicting ideas are put to creative use in this business name and suit a fashion brand that seeks to redefine traditional masculinity.

4. The Godfather's Kitchen

Marlon Brando, Italian suits, and conversations about business amidst the aroma of pasta come to the fore in this business name. It exudes ideas of traditional masculinity and suits a restaurant that wants to associate with the qualities of classiness, prestige, and exclusivity.

5. Ripped and Rugged

The qualities of "Ripped" and "Rugged" are masculine ones that refer to being muscular and unkempt. However, they can also point to ripped jeans with a rugged aesthetic. This double meaning is clever and shows personality, making it a great name for a denim jeans brand.

6. Tough Trims

Loosely resembling "tough times," this is a great name for a barbershop that is renowned for its traditionally masculine hairstyles. If you want a refined beard, a distinctive mustache, or the buzzcut of a marine, this barbershop is the place to go to.

7. Dominant Décor

"Dominant" conveys might and authority, making this a great name for a décor business that sells visually striking and attention-grabbing furniture. If your home is built to entertain, you need furniture that entertains the eye, and you need it from "Dominant Décor."

8. King of Tools

This business name is a play on the "king of spades" playing card. At your tool shop, you sell spades, spanners, and related handyman equipment. "King" gives power and authority to your tool shop, as if to say "our products make you feel like a traditional working man."

9. Brawny Boys Gym

"Boys" is less masculine than "men," but it works to brand your gym as one of kinship and fraternity, where young men who aspire to be greater come together to work on themselves. "The Brawny Boys" also sounds like a group or club, which aids in promoting connection.

10. Alpha Security

This business name uses the word "Alpha" to evoke feelings of strength, protection, and reliability. "Alpha" refers to the alpha male and projects power, but it also suggests supremacy and quality. You provide the best security service money can buy.

11. Ballsy Academy

"Ballsy" has two meanings in this business name. It can refer to the masculine qualities of ballsiness, which denote courage and bravery, but it can also describe someone who plays ball sports, such as football, tennis, and golf. This suits a sports academy that makes men from boys.

12. Rambo's Steakhouse

"Rambo" is the symbol for the quintessential macho meathead. He embodies the qualities of manliness, bravery, and action. The act of grilling steak over searing flames is a traditionally masculine one, making "Rambo's Steakhouse" an apt and effective name.

13. Macho Magazine

This is a no-frills business name that tells people exactly what to expect: a magazine that caters to men. It features gadgets, cars, and tools, while advertisements for grooming products are ubiquitous. If you want to start a magazine for macho men then this is the name for you.

14. Role Modeling Agency

This is a humorous business name that plays on the term "role model." If you run a male modeling agency but want to brand your staff as being role models for young men with creative potential, then this business name will suit you. It shows personality and thoughtfulness.

15. Hercules Gymnasium

Hercules is a legendary figure in Greek mythology who is renowned for his strength and burly physique. Associating him with your gym or fitness center is a great way of inspiring clients to reach for godly heights and gives them a role model to mold their ideal selves on.

16. Fatherly Feathers

"Feathers" belong to the wings of birds and are symbols of protection, power, and comfort. These are also paternal qualities that can be associated with fatherhood. "Fatherly Feathers" is a great name for a mentorship or educational program for young boys.

17. Stout and Stylish

"Stout" is traditionally masculine while "Stylish" is traditionally feminine. This business name says "look tough and fashionable in our clothing." It suits a fashion brand that challenges gender norms and makes men feel comfortable with their self-expression.

18. Strapping Spy

This name conjures an image of 007 — the classy, confident, womanizing spy with a license to kill. It suits a men's clothing brand — perhaps one that specializes in suits and tuxedos. "Spy" brings edginess and a sense of danger to your brand that borders on sultry and seductive.

19. Plucky Plastering

"Plastering" is the act of covering rough surfaces with plaster and is a job typically done by construction workers. "Plucky" evokes the qualities of courage and fearlessness. This business pairs a traditionally masculine profession with the qualities of bravery, and it works.

20. Stoic Solutions

This is a versatile name that can work for a range of businesses. "Stoic" lends feelings of determination and resoluteness to your brand, granting it a traditionally masculine personality. The repeated "S" sounds are catchy and fun to say, making them memorable to clients.

21. Chaps

Simple, punchy, and easy to remember. "Chap" is an informal British term for a man or a boy and gives this brand a charming impression. The traditionally masculine appeal is balanced by the name's youthful appeal, making it great for an online store or clothing business.

22. The Gent Stop

A modern, marketable name that says you're the number one stop for all things manly. "Gent" is the abbreviation of "gentleman" and adds a contemporary feel to the old-timey word. "The" adds a sense of authority and confidence to the brand and "Stop" adds a punchy appeal.

23. Maan

Short, punchy, and completely unforgettable, this unique name is sure to turn heads. The addition of another "a" in the word "man" emphasizes its traditionally masculine presence and creates a strong, powerful brand identity that would suit any manly business.

24. The Bearded Boys

This business name sounds fun and is highly marketable. It instantly evokes an image of burly bearded men, making it perfect for a barbershop. The repeated "B" sound adds to the catchiness of the name, while "boys" keeps the name inclusive and will appeal to a larger male audience.

25. Touch of Chivalry

This name is sophisticated and high-class, reassuring clients that you offer professional service. "Chivalry" refers to the medieval knightly code of morals and behaviors, imbuing this name with a sense of nobility and gentlemanship that will appeal to an older audience.

26. Manli

The purposeful misspelling of "manly" helps this name stand out and gives it a modern twist. It adds a tongue-in-cheek feeling to the confident, traditionally masculine brand, making it more approachable and accessible to a larger audience.

27. Tough Techs

A memorable name that has connotations of strength and competence. "Tough" gives the business name authority and credibility, which will reassure your clients. "Tech" highlights your area of expertise while remaining versatile to suit a number of businesses.

28. Noble Boys

A strategic name that promises good, honest service. "Noble" adds a sense of tradition to the name and highlights your business's values, while "Boys" contributes a contrasting, modern, and youthful appeal to the name. You'll enjoy the logo and slogan opportunities.

29. The Chaps Club

This name twists the idea of a "gentleman's club" by using "Chaps," which gives it a quirky and youthful appeal. "The" adds authority and exclusivity to the name, while "club" contributes a sense of community and comradery to the brand which will appeal to customers.

30. Sir Shaven

This business name is super catchy and unique. "Sir" gives the name a sophisticated and gentlemanly appeal that suggests your business is professional. When combined with "Shaven," the name takes on a quirky charm and hints at a reputable barber brand.

31. Mendo

A seemingly abstract name that cleverly combines "Men" and "Do" to form a catchy brand name for a modern business that caters primarily to men. The name has a punchy appeal that reads as a call to action, adding energy and vibrance to the brand.

32. The Modern Man

A straightforward and strong name that would suit almost any contemporary male brand. The alliterative "M" sound makes the business name easy to remember. "Modern" positions your business as contemporary and trendy — the perfect combination for a manly lifestyle brand or tech company.

33. Bearded Knights

An evocative name that offers plenty of branding possibilities. The business name instantly conjures images of iron-clad warriors sporting burly viking beards, forming a strong and quirky brand identity for your business. "Bearded" may hint at a barbershop or male grooming brand.

34. Fav Fella

"Fav" is the abbreviation of "favorite" and sounds youthful and trendy, which will appeal to a younger audience. "Fella" is the colloquial spelling for "fellow," furthering the modern and quirky charm of this business name. The alliterative "F" sound contributes to the catchiness of the name.

35. Bros Cook

A young, funny name that's perfect for a cooking business or a quirky restaurant. "Bros" is the colloquial abbreviation for "brothers," adding a sense of community and love to this brand name. "Cook" clearly highlights the nature of your business.

36. Mustache Man

The repetitive "M" sound helps make this a memorable business name. "Mustache" adds a strong, traditionally masculine appeal to the name and suggests a barbershop or male grooming brand. This name has plenty of logo opportunities for a quirky mascot.

37. Lucky Blokes

"Bloke" is an informal British term for a man and contributes a charming, old-fashioned appeal to the brand. "Lucky" adds levity to the name and suggests that your clients will leave your business feeling lucky. A great name for a men's club.

38. The Fellas

"Fella" is the informal spelling of the word "fellow," meaning a man, and gives this name a fun and charming impression. "The" adds a subtle but powerful twist to the name, giving the brand character. This punchy name is perfect for a gentlemen's club or men's accessories brand.

39. Duude

The additional "u" in the word "Dude" emphasizes the cool appeal of this name that makes it super catchy. The nature of the term creates a laid-back impression and evokes notions of surfing and youth culture, which will appeal to a modern audience.

40. Kind Knights

A reassuring name that sounds welcoming. "Knights" contributes a noble and traditional appeal to the brand, which is complemented by the word "Kind," highlighting your business's commitment to honest morals and values. This name has plenty of logo opportunities.

Men's Clothing Business Names

Captivating name ideas for a men's clothing business.

More Masculine Business Name Ideas:

Empowering Masculine Business Names:

  • Urban Boy.
  • Barber Bros.
  • Prime Man.
  • Urban Elite.
  • Big Chief.

Manly Brand Names:

  • Mean Man Style.
  • The Proud Rooster.
  • Big Chillz.
  • Macho Beast.
  • The Mad Fella.

Unique Masculine Business Names:

  • Alpha Tux.
  • Qualisuit.
  • Titan X.
  • Brick and Mortar.
  • Sheriff's House.

Cool Manly Business Names:

  • Brawny On.
  • Cowboys Den.
  • Superman's Garage.
  • The Mighty Butch.
  • The Cocky Baron.

Fun Masculine Business Names:

  • Navy Blue.
  • Lumber & Jack.
  • Adam's Paradise.
  • Two Bros.
  • Mister Men.

Great Manly Business Names:

  • Houndtown Bull.
  • Bloke's Bar & Grill.
  • Brawny Boys.
  • The Duke's Diner.
  • Master Blaster Man.

Catchy Masculine Business Names:

  • The Guy Zone.
  • Barbermanz.
  • Cowboy Ranch.
  • Biz Boyz.
  • Prince Pumps.

Examples of Manly Business Names:

  • The Hunky Spot.
  • Bossy Jack.
  • The Mighty Boars.
  • Jock's Pride.
  • The Dude Factor.

Memorable Manly Company Names:

  • Wild Hunks.
  • The Shade Man.
  • Butch's Lair.
  • Dude on the Roof.
  • BizMister.

Interesting Beard Business Names:

  • Moustache City.
  • Fuzzy Faces.
  • The Beard Parlor.
  • Mister Stubble.
  • Flawless Whiskers.


What makes a business name masculine?

A masculine business name is one that projects traditional ideas of masculinity onto your brand. These qualities can include strength, dependability, and leadership. Using a masculine business name will instill confidence in your customers.

How do I name a masculine business?

  1. Review your business plan for keywords associated with masculinity.
  2. Research your competitors for inspiration.
  3. Make a list of synonyms for "masculine."
  4. Run all of your keywords through a business name generator.
  5. Shortlist your favorite names and ask friends and family for feedback.
  6. Check the availability of your favorite business name and secure it.

Which companies have manly business names?

  • Brute.
  • Coach.
  • Axe.
  • Hugo Boss.
  • Cufflinks, Inc.

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