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Lip Gloss Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Gloss 'n' Go

Clever, catchy, and marketable. Offers plenty of cool branding opportunities.

2. Glossy Business

A simple choice that sounds sophisticated. Ideal for a large lip gloss retailer or manufacturer.

3. The Glitter Glow

A descriptive name that sounds glamorous. Hints that your lip gloss makes customers glow!

4. Lip Gloss Bay

This simple but effective name is perfect for a pop-up or online lip gloss business.

5. The Nude Glow

Elegant and timeless. Could suit a lip gloss business with nude-colored branding.

6. Sparkle Sticks

An uncommon name that could work for a business that sells convenient lip gloss sticks.

7. Lip Gloss & Glam

A fun and memorable choice that leaves room for the business to expand.

8. Fruity Sparkle

Has playful connotations that may attract the younger generation. You'll love designing the logo.

9. True Trendy

This unique name positions your business as the number one spot to find trendy and modern lip gloss.

10. Go Gloss

Punchy, modern, and straightforward thanks to the clever use of the action word.

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More Lip Gloss Business Name Ideas:

Unique Lip Gloss Business Names:

  • Glossy Nation.
  • A Kiss to Remember.
  • Gloss It Up!
  • Dramatix.
  • Gloss of Eden.

Catchy Lip Gloss Business Names:

  • Shiny Kisses.
  • Glossier Orgnx.
  • A Glossy Treat.
  • Pretty Lips Club.
  • Yummy Glossy.

Glamorous Lip Gloss Business Names:

  • Deluxe Kisses.
  • Ichigo Lips.
  • Fab Gloss.
  • Glam Me Up!
  • So Golden Lips.

Creative Lip Gloss Business Names:

  • Touch of Rosé.
  • Toss A Gloss.
  • Lip Shine Time.
  • Gloss Kissed.
  • First Kiss.

Cute Lip Gloss Business Names:

  • Freshly Baked Kisses.
  • Baddie's Lips.
  • Lean Beauty Products.
  • Queendom.
  • Between Gloss & Lips.

Lip Tint Business Names:

  • Plump Kisses.
  • Kiss Me More.
  • Luscious Lip Tint.
  • Angel Kisses.
  • Crisp Lips.

Memorable Lip Gloss Business Names:

  • Sundae Swirl.
  • Peach Shortcake.
  • Rosé Kisses.
  • Quartz.
  • Cheeky Lips.

Good Lip Gloss Business Names:

  • Obsidian Glam.
  • Plump & Co.
  • Candy Lips.
  • Sugar Angel.
  • Amber Lip Romance.

Clear Lip Gloss Business Names:

  • Jewel Gloss.
  • Agatha Elixir.
  • A Touch of Gloss.
  • Fancy You.
  • Dramatically Different.

Baddie Lip Gloss Business Names:

  • Trixie Black.
  • Pucker Punch.
  • Gloss Gaters.
  • Winter Rose.
  • Dark Princess.

Aesthetic Lip Gloss Business Names:

  • Plump & Shine.
  • Skin Devine.
  • Luscious Love.
  • AllLips Gloss Co.
  • Smile Divas.


How do I choose a name for my lip gloss business?

  1. Read through your business plan and identify keywords that best describe your brand.
  2. Consider your target market and lip gloss variety.
  3. Combine keywords manually to create name ideas.
  4. Use a business name generator.
  5. Get feedback on your top choices.
  6. See if the name is available.
  7. Choose a trendy name.
  8. Register your business name.

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