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Lebanese Restaurant Name Ideas:


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1. House of Falafels

Falafels are a famous Lebanese dish served by both street food vendors and formal restaurants. The association with this well-loved Lebanese comfort food will make patrons feel at home in your restaurant.

2. Naim Nine

Naim is a Lebanese name that denotes comfort and tranquility. It has a lucky number, nine, associated with it. The name is also associated with happiness and will bring this emotion to patrons visiting your restaurant. The alliteration makes it easy to remember.

3. Best of Beirut

Beirut is one of the world's oldest cities and offers the same charm and romanticism as Paris. It is also known for its abundance of great eateries; choosing this name will bring that same charm and expectation of excellent food to your restaurant.

4. Zay el Aasal

If your specialty is desserts, this name, meaning "like honey," will be a great choice. In some dialects, it also means that you love something or someone profusely and get along with it or them very well. Isn't this what patrons should feel about your restaurant?

5. Simsom & Shanklish

Who doesn't love bread and cheese? This combination of sweet bread and specialty Lebanese suggests to patrons that you serve homemade food. If you can add it to the menu, all the better. The alliteration is catchy and adds a sing-song quality to the name.

6. Fattoush

Although this is the name of a farmer's salad initially made from leftover pita, it has a nice ring to it and is memorable. It also adds hominess to your restaurant and invites patrons to come in for a nice family meal.

7. Place of Kahlil

Naming your restaurant after the famous Lebanese writer and poet, Kahlil Gibran, adds mystique to your restaurant. The writer is famous for the opinion that fundamentally, all religions form a unity. An association with him will welcome an eclectic crowd of people to your restaurant.

8. Shawarma Inc.

Sharwarmas are, along with hummus, one of the more famous dishes served at Lebanese food outlets. Using this name will tell patrons of the convenient food you serve. The addition of "Inc." creates an opportunity for turning your restaurant into a franchise. It also adds formality.

9. Sitti's Kitchen

"Sitti" is the Lebanese word for "grandma" and will make a brilliant name for a family-run restaurant using grandma's recipes. Family-run restaurants have a familiarity to them that attracts patrons. It will let patrons know that the recipes your restaurant uses has been tried and tested over time.

10. Akeed

This word is used by younger Lebanese people and means "sure" or "of course." It has a bright and friendly connotation and adds a sense of warmth and an easy-going atmosphere to your restaurant. It will also make your restaurant more appealing to younger clients.

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More Lebanese Restaurant Name Ideas:

Good Lebanese Restaurant Names:

  • Valee Shawarma.
  • Pitas 'n' More.
  • Sahara Lakhane.
  • Falafel V.
  • Oasis Diner.

Catchy Lebanese Restaurant Names:

  • Royal LeBano.
  • Mamoun's Kebab House.
  • The Falafel Queen.
  • Basha's Cafe.
  • Kha'Zada.


How do I come up with a Lebanese restaurant name?

  1. Research the names of your competitors.
  2. Create a list of keywords related to your food, background, or ethos.
  3. Use a business name generator to come up with a few restaurant name ideas.
  4. Show your name ideas to loved ones and get their opinions.
  5. Search online to find out if your favorite names are available.
  6. Choose a name that best suits your business and register it.

What are some real-life Lebanese restaurant names?

  • Olive Express.
  • Marouch Restaurant.
  • Open Sesame.
  • Beit Rima.
  • Arabian Nights Restaurant.

Which business name generator can I use to name my Lebanese restaurant?

Use NameSnack to generate some name ideas for your Lebanese restaurant. Alternatively, view our list of Lebanese restaurant names to find inspiration.

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