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Latin Business Name Ideas:


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A combination of "voice" and "victory" that makes a great name idea for a record or music label.

2.Bene Tibi Sápiat!

Translated as "bon appetit!" Perfect for a restaurant, cafe, or cooking class.

3.Usque Ad Noctem

A beautiful name idea for a supernatural store or a gothic business, meaning "until the night."

4.Cafea Canem

Inspired by the famous mural "cave canem," bringin together "coffee" and "dog." Suitable for a cafe.

5.Rosa Pistrina

A pretty Latin name idea meaning "the rose bakery."

6.Aqua Viridis

A beautiful name idea for a spa, beauty product, or water energy business. Means "green water."


A fun play on the famous quote that replaces "vidi" with "vini," or "wine." Suitable for a vineyard.

8.Potentia Motus

Translated as "the power of movement," this name suits a sports company or clothing brand.

9.Salve Libertatem

A fun, cheeky name idea for an attorney or law business, this name translates to "hello freedom."

10.Mundus Industria

This Latin name idea for an energy business translates to "clean energy."

11.Ego Ideam

This witty Latin business name works for a consulting or tech business and means "I had an idea."

12.Dulce Periculum

An awesome name idea for an adventure tours business, meaning "danger is sweet."

13.Audet Amor

An alliterative name idea for a wedding business that means "dare to love."

14.Bonam Noctem

Meaning "good night," this is a cool name idea for a home security company.

15.Mea Optima Vitae

A pretty name idea for a clothing boutique that translates to "my best life."

16.Paulum Pax

This alliterative name idea means "a little peace" and is a great business name for a tea shop.

17.Adeste Fideles

The Latin name for the carol "O Come, All Ye Faithful" makes a great name for a Christian shop.

18.Manus Quod Auxilium

Meaning "the hands that help," this is a cool business name for a nonprofit organization.

19.Melius Diebus

The rhyming quality of this name, meaning "better days," makes it catchy and memorable.

20.Novum Amicis

Invite customers to make "new friends" at your coffee shop, pet store, house sitting business, etc.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

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What are some examples of Latin company names?

  • VoxVictoria.
  • Cafea Canem.
  • VeniViniVici.
  • Mundus Industria.
  • Audet Amor.
  • Paulum Pax.
  • Melius Diebus.

How can I come up with some Latin business names?

  • Go through your business plan and think about your mission, ideals, and ethics.
  • Look at your competitors and note down keywords.
  • Research Latin phrases that have meaning for you and your business.
  • Use a reputable Latin translation app to help you come up with a great Latin name.
  • Run your Latin keywords through a business name generator to create unique business name ideas.

What makes a Latin business name?

Latin business names use words or phrases from the Latin language. When choosing a Latin business name, it's best to find a word or phrase that resonates with you and with your business ideals.

What companies have Latin business names?

  • Panera.
  • Magnavox.
  • Nike.
  • Verizon.
  • Venmo.
  • Audi.
  • Fonterra.
  • Sony.

What are some Latin brand names?

  • Bene Tibi Sápiat!
  • Rosa Pistrina.
  • Potentia Motus.
  • Ego Ideam.
  • Bonam Noctem.
  • Adeste Fideles.
  • Novum Amicis.

What are some examples of modern Latin business name ideas?

  • Potentia Motus.
  • Ego Ideam.
  • VoxVictoria.
  • Cafea Canem.
  • Bonam Noctem.

What are some examples of clever Latin restaurant names?

  • VoxVictoria.
  • Rosa Pistrina.
  • Cafea Canem.
  • Bene Tibi Sápiat!

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