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Kettle Corn Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Jack Sweetness

"Jack" refers to crackerjack, which denotes excellence. Great for a kettle corn brand or shop.

2. The Love Sugar

Suitable for a store where customers can pick their own flavors & toppings to make tasty creations.

3. Fairy Kettle

"Fairy" evokes whimsical imagery. Imagine a store that sells gourmet kettle corn in customized tins.

4. Sugared Joy

Clients want to feel "joy" when they take the first bite of kettle corn. Great for a colorful brand.

5. Corn Rainbow

Great for a shop aimed at kids, where they can celebrate birthdays by making their own kettle corn.

6. Light Poppie Kettle Corn

A cute name. "Light" may suggest a low-calorie kettle corn brand.

7. Pixie Pop Kettle Corn

Think kettle corn flavors inspired by folktales. Likely to attract kids and nostalgic adults.

8. Candy Poppie

A simple name for high-calorie, traditional kettle corn.

9. Delish Bucket

Think luxury kettle corn in tins that can be personalized and delivered as gifts to loved ones.

10. Spice Unicorn

"Unicorn" has connotations of magic and nature. Great for a vegan brand of kettle corn.

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More Kettle Corn Business Name Ideas:

Unique Kettle Corn Business Names:

  • Karamel Krunchers.
  • Farm Fresh Kettle.
  • Spicy Ranch Crunch.
  • Sweet and Sour Chomp.
  • Mushroom Flake Munch.

Cool Kettle Corn Business Names:

  • Sugar Poppie.
  • Bucket Rainbow.
  • Sprinkle Friend.
  • Sweetness Pixie.
  • Crunch Unicorn.

Cute Kettle Corn Business Names:

  • Kry of the Kettle Korn.
  • Crop Pop.
  • KettleKrave.
  • Oil & Crunch.
  • Flavored Corn Co.


What are some names of established kettle corn businesses?

  • Popcornopolis Kettle Corn.
  • Gaslamp Popcorn California Crafted Authentic Kettle Corn.
  • Gary Poppins Kettle Popcorn.
  • 365 Organic Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn.
  • The Little Kernel Mini Popcorn.

How do I choose a name for my kettle corn business?

  1. Consider your brand message, desired clientele, the type of kettle corn you want to sell, and also what makes your product superior.
  2. Analyze the names of existing kettle corn brands.
  3. Write down keywords and use them to come up with name ideas.
  4. Run some keywords through a business name generator.
  5. Share your top names with others.
  6. Register your best name.

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