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Keto Business Name Ideas:


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1. Keto Assist

This is a great name for a blog or podcast. The name is strong, supportive, and authoritative.

2. Completo Keto

Ideal for a business that creates information products around keto dieting and lifestyle.

3. Avo Nice Day

A fun and playful name that is ideal for a smoothy spot, cafe, deli, or food truck.

4. Keto Whirled

Great for a store or blog, this is a strong and easy-to-remember name.

5. The Humble Coconut

A unique and compelling name that definitely stands out. Perfect for a cafe or restaurant.

6. Whoosh

The sound of the weight just flying off. This is a striking and compelling name.

7. Keto Peeps

Trendy and catchy, this name would suit a podcast very well. It creates a sense of belonging.

8. Chewing the Fat Bomb

The name uses a popular phrase for "having a conversation" and mixes in an important keto element.

9. The Keto Life

A big statement that appeals to a sense of community and belonging. Ideal for a blog, podcast, etc.

10. Go Keto

A great name for a keto-based food truck or smoothy bar. It is short, simple, and punchy.

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More Keto Business Name Ideas:

Keto Names for Instagram:

  • Lifetest Keto.
  • Bolsters Fitness.
  • A Plus Keto.
  • Let's Eat a Bit.
  • Zero Carb Bites.

Funny Keto Group Names:

  • The Ketosho.
  • Fit with Fat.
  • Just Fresh Keto.
  • Fit Like I Never Saw.
  • Protein Shake House.

Memorable Keto Business Names:

  • Keto Bodyz.
  • Iketo-The Fit.
  • Keto Mode Fitness.
  • The Hungry Keto.
  • Pure Protein Kitchen.

Good Keto Business Names:

  • Lifetime Keto.
  • Burning Boot Camp.
  • Keto Body by Katelyn.
  • Body Envy.
  • Iketone Binge.

Catchy Keto Business Names:

  • Ketobic Cafe.
  • Taste of Ketobeat.
  • Good Body Fuel.
  • Eat Right Fit.
  • Mana Keto.

Clever Keto Business Names:

  • The Ketogenic Method.
  • Zero Carb Zone.
  • Just Eat Protein.
  • The Keto Dieter.
  • Rawlicious Keto.

Wonderful Keto Business Names:

  • The Crunchy Keto.
  • Ketonickemetology.
  • BentoBodyz.
  • Keto Couture.
  • Eat Right Keto.


How do I choose a good keto business name?

  1. Consider your brand, target market, and specialty.
  2. Identify keywords that best describe your brand and feed them to a business name generator.
  3. Ask friends and family for feedback.
  4. Use online polls and surveys.
  5. Perform a name availability search.
  6. Register your chosen name.

Where can I find a keto business name generator?

Yes, NameSnack is a free and intuitive tool that allows you to create scores of unique brandable business name ideas from a few input keywords.

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