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Kawaii Business Name Ideas:


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1. Ani 'n' Poki

This rhyming name idea creates a kawaii effect through the repetition of the letter "i," which produces a diminutive effect. This business name sounds like it might be the names of two people and would look super kawaii with two hearts instead of dots over the "i's."

2. Omo Koneko

A fun Japanese vibe is created with this name. "Omo" is an archaic word for "looks" or "face" while "koneko" means kitten. This name idea, which basically translates to "kitten face," offers a kawaii logo design opportunity! Great for an animal business or a store that sells plush toys.

3. Oh My Goshin!

A cute expansion of a popular exclamation, this name idea will suit any type of kawaii business, including toys, clothes, accessories, stickers, and more.

4. Ufufu Love!

"Ufufu" is typically used in Japanese cartoons and manga to symbolize the sound of the chuckle you make when you know a secret. Super kawaii! Cement this name in the Japanese cuteness culture by replacing the word "love" with a heart symbol.

5. Koi-Koi Bows

The repetition of the word "koi" creates a kawaii effect in this business name and is a great fit for a hair bow business. Hair bows and ribbons are used a lot in the cuteness culture, particularly in the Lolita fashion.

6. Chibi Poke & Sushi

A kawaii name idea for a seafood business. "Chibi" is a Japanese term for something short or small and is used to describe a style of caricature where characters are drawn small and chubby, with overlarge heads — perfect for the cuteness culture.

7. Kawaii Kotique

The alliteration of the "k" creates a memorable effect that will help this business name stick in customers' minds. The word "boutique" has been changed here to create this effect. This name idea suits a clothing boutique that specializes in cute fashions, such as Lolita and Fairy Kei.

8. Bubble Bizness

A cute, alliterative name idea that is creative and memorable. It not only suits a bubble business, but could also work for a toy company, party supply business, or even an event planner.

9. Choco Suki!

This name idea uses the Japanese word for "I like you" (pronounced "ski") to exclaim your love of chocolate in a kawaii way. Make it even cuter by using a chibi character with hearts in their eyes holding a chocolate bar for your logo.

10. Lolita Cheesecake

"Lolita" is a well-known style in Japan that is based on Victorian fashion and the Rococo period to achieve an innocent, cute "baby doll" look. A kawaii name idea for a cheesecake business.

11. Pink Bunny Munchies

A super cute name idea for a snack or candy business. Pink is used a lot for decorations and in clothes in the kawaii culture and baby rabbits are the very definition of cuteness.

12. DokiDokiSmile

This fun business name highlights the kawaii culture with the use of "doki doki," which represents the thumping sound of a heart beating quickly. This is a great name idea for a lipstick or lipgloss business and is a cute way of saying "your smile makes my heart race."

13. Nyaa-Ta

"Nyaa" represents the sound a cat makes, like "meow," and can be used together with a cute cat logo to give a super kawaii effect to an animal business or cat cafe.

14. Shuuu Sweets

While "shuuu" means "sudden rain" in Japanese, it is a really cute word. Eating sweets and having candy themes for accessories and toys is a big part of the Lolita fashion, making this a kawaii business name idea for a candy company.

15. Hanikamu Cute

This compound name idea is perfect for a blend of Western and Eastern styles that exemplifies the kawaii culture in Western society. "Hanikamu" translates to "bashful" and is part of the vulnerable, shy, and innocent qualities that make up the cuteness culture.

16. Moé Blush!

This kawaii name idea is inspired by Japanese anime where characters sport cute blushes when they have feelings of strong affection toward another character, described by the word "moé." The name idea could work for a variety of business types, particularly an adult entertainment business.

17. KiraKira Star

"Kirakira" is a fun addition to this name idea that means "glittering." It fits perfectly with the word "star" for a business that makes or sells sparkly hair accessories and jewelry.

18. Decora & Bows

A simple name idea that celebrates the Decora Kei fashion in Japanese cuteness culture, which is defined by decorating the body and hair with as many accessories as possible. This business name would work very well for an accessories store or even a character cafe.

19. C-Cute-T

This business name idea focuses on the cuteness factor in Japanese kawaii culture and would work for a variety of businesses types, such as a cafe, kids' clothing store, t-shirt business, and more.

20. Kyawawa Café

"Kyawawa" is a slang form of kawaii and also means "cute." Use this name for your coffee and cake cafe and base your decorations, layout, and logo design on the kawaii culture!

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More Kawaii Business Name Ideas:

Great Kawaii Business Names:

  • Pussycat Pixies.
  • Little Posh.
  • Ooh La La Starlet.
  • BlushBubbleBaby.
  • CutePink Inc.

Kawaii Restaurant Names:

  • Kawaii-O-Nine.
  • The Pink Hoshi.
  • Little Kaos.
  • Kokaku's Love.
  • Pretty Pretty Kiko.

Kawaii Cafe Names:

  • Sugar & Sparkles.
  • Crunchy Hut.
  • Au Petit Baby.
  • Giggle Cat Co.
  • Peach Petal Love.


Where can I find a kawaii shop name generator?

Try NameSnack — an AI-powered name generator that produces scores of brandable names within seconds. Simply enter some keywords and follow the prompts. Alternatively, view our collection of kawaii business names for inspiration.

How can I come up with a name for my kawaii business?

  1. Think about your primary target market.
  2. Do some research and see how existing businesses have approached their business names.
  3. Make a list of keywords that you would like to use in your business name.
  4. Use a business name generator to combine these keywords and create a range of business name options.
  5. Pick your favorite company name and check if it's available.
  6. Secure the name.
  7. Register the corresponding domain name.

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