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International Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1.Health Horizons

"Horizons" tells customers your commitment to healthy living knows no borders. A global movement.

2.Fitness 360

"360" is a clever way of saying you have fitness clubs in different countries.

3.Florist and Friends

A warm name for a flower shop brand with stores in multiple cities around the world.

4.Accounting Alliance

The repeated "a" sound creates a musical effect. A great name for an international accounting brand.

5.Seven Seas Accounting

A clever way of telling customers you have a large, international presence.

6.Falafel Family

A popular, international food requires a fun, memorable name. A great pairing.

7.Pizza Partners

"Partners" creates a larger-than-life impression of your pizza brand. The world loves your slices.

8.Seven Continents Insurance

A name that says you operate on a global scale, in a fun and memorable way.

9.Logistics League

"League" implies a strong alliance of companies. Pairs well with a logistics firm.

10.The Candy Coalition

Perfect name for a candy store brand with international appeal.

11.Cosmopolitan Coooking

"Cosmopolitan" says your strength is in your diversity. You draw cooking inspiration from all over.

12.Laundry Link

"Link" suggests an international presence, with laundromats in many countries.

13.International Investments

A no-frills name that tells customers you put their money in international markets.

14.Global Gym

A name that tells customers exactly what you are: the international gold standard in fitness.

15.Worldwide Wine

Suggests that your wine brand is popular with wine lovers all around the world.

16.The Cleaning Connection

A great name for a cleaning service known the world over.

17.Health Union

"Union" is a strong word. It suggests a close bond with customers from all corners.

18.Universal Education

A good name for a nonprofit with a mission of increasing global access to good education.

19.Comedy Circle

"Circle" suggests you're part of a network of comedy clubs around the world.

20.Penpal Postcards

"Penpal" suggests you sell postcards from many different countries.

Try the world's #1 online logo maker

Try the world's #1 online logo maker

See why thousands of new businesses design their logos with Zarla.

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How can I come up with some international business names?

What makes a good international business name?

A good international business name is one that gives it a larger-than-life projection. Good names for international businesses will often appeal to its diversity, global reach, and widescale popularity.

What are some examples of international business names?

  • Health Horizons.
  • Fitness 360.
  • Florist and Friends.
  • Accounting Alliance.
  • Seven Seas Accounting.

What are some famous international business names?

  • Macdonald's.
  • IKEA.
  • Apple.
  • Samsung.
  • Google.

What are some catchy international business names?

  • The Candy Coalition.
  • Laundry Link.
  • Global Gym.
  • Worldwide Wine.
  • The Cleaning Connection.

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