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Hair Removal Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. True Removal

Suggests attention to detail and long-lasting results.

2. Gentle Zap

Should ease the anxieties of those who are worried about the procedure being painful or damaging.

3. UV Removal

For a business that specializes in laser hair removal. Conveys meaning while remaining discreet.

4. Waxed Away

A catchy, lighthearted name that's suitable for a clinic that offers waxing, among other procedures.

5. Removalab

A combination of "removal" and "lab." Sounds sleek and professional; exactly what clients will want.

6. Beeswaxers

A fun, memorable name that conveys meaning about the products being used.

7. Removal Hub

Where clients can have all of their hair removal needs tended to.

8. Removify

Sounds fun, trendy, and cutting-edge.

9. Hair Removal Clinic

Straightforward. The word "clinic" hints at professionalism and expertise.

10. Hairque

A unique term befitting of a business that does things a little differently.

Laser Hair Removal Business Names

Catchy name suggestions for your laser hair removal business.

Hair Removal Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Hair Removal Business Names:

  • Diva Hair Studio.
  • Shiny Legs.
  • Envy Hair Removal.
  • The Hairless Method.
  • Epilonger.

Funny Hair Removal Company Names:

  • Hurry Hairy.
  • Fancy Shavy.
  • Hair Free Easy.
  • Let's Nude.
  • The Scared Hair.

Unique Hair Removal Center Names:

  • Arctic Hair Removal.
  • DepilationPro Clinic.
  • Revive Removal.
  • Velvet Body.
  • Clearing & Removal Spa.


What are some well-known hair removal business names?

  • LaserAway.
  • Plush Derma Laser Clinic.
  • Beam Laser Spa.
  • Skin Code LA.
  • Buena Vista Aesthetics.
  • Pristine Laser Center.
  • It's a Secret Med Spa.
  • Satori Laser.

How do I choose a name for my hair removal business?

  1. Get feedback from trusted friends and likely clients. Pay close attention to preferences, perceptions about each name, and memorability.
  2. Check Google Ads Keyword Planner to determine which of your ideas include at least one high-traffic keyword.
  3. Choose a memorable option that portrays a favorable image of your business. Ideally, it should be easy to spell and pronounce, and SEO-friendly.

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