Guesthouses are generally private houses that offer accommodation to travelers. Because guesthouses are less formal than a hotel and meant to feel like a home away from home, your business name should be inviting and set the tone for the type of stay guests can expect. See our list of guesthouse name suggestions to help attract travelers.

Guesthouse Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1.Open Room

The word "open" sounds inviting and spacious. Great for a personalized guest house booking app.

2.Overnight Garden

An exotic and striking name; conjures images of garden cottages, colorful decor, and natural light.

3.My Special House

The word "my" implies that your guest house is a favorite choice, a place that can feel like home.

4.Visitor Garden

Perfect name for a guest house with a spacious layout and garden for visitors to explore.

5.Host Hub

"Hub" is an alternative word for "central," implying that your guest house is the main place to be.

6.Vibe n Joy

A marketable and cool name that's ideal for backpackers who enjoy community-centered guest houses.

7.Host Lab

Innovative and catchy, this name is perfect for a central app that showcases various guest houses.


This unique and less traditional name is a mashup of "room" and "method."

9.Guest Arc

Grabs attention and works well for marketing purposes. Great if you offer guest rooms on sailboats.

10.Guest Pass

A smart name that attracts guests who are looking for a quick overnight resting place.

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What are some famous guest house names?

  • Mi Casa.
  • Sun and View Suites.
  • Douglas House.
  • Hanging Lake Inn.

What are some unique guest house names?

  • Vibe n Joy.
  • Host Lab.
  • Roomethod.
  • Overnight Garden.

How do I choose a guest house name?

  • Consider your branding and what makes your guest house unique.
  • Brainstorm keywords that describe your guest house.
  • Use a name generator for inspiration.
  • Ask advice from peers.
  • Perform a basic Google search and a trademark search.
  • Check the name availability with the state.
  • Choose a name and register it with the state.

What are some catchy guest house names?

  • Open Room.
  • My Special House.
  • Host Hub.
  • Guest Pass.

What are some cool guest house names?

  • Vibe n Joy.
  • Overnight Garden.
  • Guest Arc.
  • My Special House.

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