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1. SoulFlower

A catchy name that conjures images of happy bohemian people picking flowers and chasing sunsets. It's got a dainty yet cool sound and will suit an artisanal clothing store, jewelry brand, or hipster craft business.

2. HumanKind

A memorable name that will remind customers to be human and to be kind. It will suit a groovy brand that values connection and kinship, such as a photography business, charitable organization, or a company that offers support services.

3. The Happy Lotus

The lotus flower symbolizes rebirth and suggests that your business aims to rejuvenate clients. With lots of branding potential, this cute name is the perfect descriptor of a groovy spa or grooming company.

4. La Paz

Translating to the Spanish word for "peace," this chic name hints that your business has an affinity for harmony and balance. It can be combined with a wide variety of keywords to perfectly describe the services you offer, whether it be meditation, mindfulness, or healing.

5. Disco Fame

What's more groovy than disco? This trendy name sounds like a party and will make your business instantly recognizable to clients with Saturday night fever. It's a great choice for an edgy beauty business or a karaoke bar that plays disco tunes.

6. Untamed

A fun name that conveys a message of freedom and fierceness. It's well-suited to an artistic brand that believes in unrestrained creativity and favors raw, unrefined materials.

7. Honey Club

This sweet name evokes images of people enjoying sugary confectionaries. The word "club" makes your products sound exclusive and will appeal to customers that enjoy high-quality treats.

8. Ziggy's Star Crafts

A reference to the enigmatic 70s artist David Bowie, this creative name is an excellent choice for a bright, fun-loving art business that incorporates groovy colors and shapes into its designs.

9. Boogie Vision

Shake your groove thing to this hip and playful name! The word "boogie" refers to dance and denotes rhythm, joy, and light-heartedness. "Vision" hints that your business is focused on showing customers a good time and will suit a nightclub, music store, or eccentric clothing shop.

10. Technicolor

Meaning "vivid colors," this short name is unique and implies that your business is all about brightness, creativity, and joy. It's a fantastic choice for an art business or graphic design company.

11. HipTea Café

Combing the words "hippie" and "tea" is a wonderful way to make your café's name stand out from the crowd. It sounds mod and suggests that your tea products are the grooviest around, which will entice clients to visit your establishment.

12. Studio Groove

This funky name harkens back to a time when the legendary Studio 54 was frequented by famous models, artists, dancers, and other groovy people. It has lots of charm and exudes professionalism, which is perfect for a dance class business.

13. Mahogany

A short but punchy name that subtly references the popular 70s diva Diana Ross. It could suggest that your business creates beautiful wooden products or incorporates the gorgeous, deep brown color of mahogany into its brand.

14. RetroPeach

Everything's peachy with this enchanting name that sounds youthful and sassy. It has lots of branding potential and will fit a vintage clothing store or boutique that favors 70s glamor.

15. Gold&Glam

An alliterative and dynamic name that expresses a sense of sophistication. The color gold is commonly associated with grandeur and will highlight a business's affinity for refinement and luxury.

16. Boombox Hub

Boomboxes were all the rage during the 70s and used to house groovy tunes for on-the-go dance parties. It's thus an excellent name for a business that wants customers to feel happy and excited about its products or services.

17. Florecer

This original name means "blossom" in Spanish and sounds professional yet whimsical. If your business loves flowers or aims to help clients bloom into their best selves, this name will help get your message across.

18. Nifty Thrifts

The word "nifty" gives a subtle nod to your business's artistry and craftiness. When combined with the word "thrift," it creates a lovely name for a thrift store that sells pre-loved clothing items that ooze grooviness.

19. House of Morrison

This inventive name gives a nod to Jim Morrison from "The Doors," a famous, groovy rock band from the 70s. It sounds authoritative and strong with a hint of wit—perfect for a 70s-themed restaurant or bar.

20. AfroFashion

A glamorous and chic name that hints at your business's love of groovy and dapper fashion. If you believe in the power of the 'fro and its awesomeness, this name will suit your clothing or hair brand perfectly.

Funky Business Names

Funky name recommendations for your business.

More Groovy Business Name Ideas:

Cute Groovy Business Names:

  • Love, Leather, & Sugar.
  • The Green Groove.
  • Hippy Peace Boutique.
  • HoliLuv.
  • Harmony Lotus.

Unique Groovy Business Names:

  • Bonnie Gogos.
  • Spiral Retro.
  • Love & Cloth.
  • Jamin Boutique.
  • Journey up Love.


How do I come up with a groovy business name?

  1. Write down some keywords associated with grooviness that feel unique to your business.
  2. Think about your business's target market and what would appeal to them.
  3. Combine a few keywords and feed them into a business name generator.
  4. Make a list of your favorite names and show them to trusted friends and family.
  5. Analyze their feedback to narrow down the list.
  6. Choose the most groovy name.
  7. Check if it is available and register it.

What should I name my groovy business?

To create a groovy business name, think about words associated with the idea, such as "disco," "fashion," or "soul." Combine a groovy word with something that references your business's location or target market, and you'll be good to go! If you're stuck for ideas, read through our list of groovy business names for inspiration.

Where can I find a groovy business name generator?

Use NameSnack to create a unique and fun name for your groovy business.

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