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Green and Eco Business Names:


Business Name


1. Go Green

A simple, powerful name that encourages people to take action. Alliteration makes this one stick.

2. Lean Living

Alliterative. Could be used by virtually any green and eco business.

3. Eco Terrain

Ideal for a business that specializes in sustainable landscaping solutions.

4. Compost Happens

A good name for an eco-friendly business. Conveys meaning while offering the perfect dose of garden humor.

5. Sans Waste

For just about any business that helps clients live zero-waste lifestyles (or as close as possible).

6. Eco Extracts

Simple and catchy. Could work for a line of cleaning products, or even a health store.

7. Fair Scoop

Perfect for a grocery store that encourages ethical trade, avoidance of single-use containers, etc.

8. Gentle Bloom

A memorable, non-threatening name that could help ease people into sustainable practices.

9. Wholesome Valley

A sweet, eco-friendly business name that's synonymous with mindfulness and growth.

10. Eco Elixirs

An intriguing name that's made memorable by the use of alliteration. Great for a health store.

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More Green and Eco Business Name Ideas:

Unique Green Company Names:

  • The Eco Wiz.
  • Grow-A-Nature.
  • FuelSprout.
  • Rocket Fresh Corp.
  • Green Hearted.

Cool Environmental Company Names:

  • The Root Inspector.
  • Grounding Hut.
  • The Clean Chemist.
  • Pure Pacifico.
  • The Green Treehouse.

Eco-Friendly Business Names:

  • Rooty Planet.
  • The Green Grocery.
  • True Soil.
  • One Organics.
  • The Grow Supply.

Catchy Environmental Business Names:

  • The Green Guyz.
  • Stem Shock.
  • Envirtoz.
  • Grass Bunny.
  • Pristine Culinary.

Creative Green Business Names:

  • Hello, Meadow.
  • Wacky Wreaths.
  • Nutri-Trek.
  • Purple Fora.
  • Recharge Raven.

Memorable Eco-Friendly Company Names:

  • Roots Of Green.
  • Planet Plate.
  • Aqua Unplugged.
  • Enrich Acre.
  • The Plant Flock.

Good Eco-Friendly Brand Names:

  • GreenLife.
  • Co-Nutrient.
  • Soilfull.
  • EcoDunkies.
  • RootZerve.

Sustainable Brand Names:

  • Sonic Bonsai.
  • Sprouting Season.
  • Fresh Frost HQ.
  • Seed & Compost Depot.
  • My Acre Bay.


How do I choose a name for my green and eco business?

  1. Try combining keywords or using a business name generator.
  2. List your favorite name ideas.
  3. Ask potential customers to share their reflections on your names.
  4. Identify the most brandable options.
  5. Wait and see which name resonates with you.
  6. Check if the name is available and register it.

Is there a green and eco business name generator?

Yes, NameSnack allows you to create scores of brandable green and eco business name ideas.

What are some well-known green and eco business names?

  • OLIO.
  • Nada.
  • Tonlé.
  • Tiny Yellow Bungalow.
  • Ethique.

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